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  1. x HiHo

    Quck join map rotation

    Thats kind of the problem, i like all maps, but not 10 times in a row. When we choose to only play standard maps (not vikendi), we get miramar 50-60%. That might be a coincidence, but in my experience with pubg corp, its not. Something is broken, or they have choosed a particular priority without telling us.
  2. x HiHo

    Quck join map rotation

    Previously, when selecting Quick Join, matchmaking would heavily favor matching players into the most commonly selected maps.
  3. Recently you changed quck join priorities on pc, before the patch you had higher chances getting particular maps (why?). Vikendi was on of them. Time to make the change on xbox aswell, 9 of 10 times you get vikendi, stop forcing us. even out the odds. Another solution is to ask us, your playerbase what kind of map rotation we want, make a poll of rotations that could be supported. We are in 2019, how hard is it involve your community...
  4. x HiHo

    Game Crashes

    Playing a regular match, still happening. Also the rendering got worse with this new update, playing on a xbox one ssd. And there is a freeze for a secon upon landing. Any comments given by the developers yet?
  5. x HiHo

    Game Crashes

    The game is crashing again, my friend froze last game and now me. Havent had that problem for a long time...
  6. x HiHo

    Canted sights "X button"

    Most likely not without messing up every other x action..
  7. x HiHo

    New Update Drop

    Dont get your hopes up when they finally drop the patch notes, the maintenance will be extended for 4-6 like the previous patches😂
  8. x HiHo

    80 Person Games

    Who cares about winning in a lobby with 41 players..
  9. I stopped playing recently after the recent patch. My biggest issues with the game is the company choices and communication. 1. They knew about the matchmaking issue, it was the same on pc, the originial patch was suppose to happen in november, they delayed it and still they release it with the exact same problem. 2. They knew about the rendering problems on vikendi, hell it has been a problem since miramar. They promised to fix castle, they must have known that people would fell through, still they released it. if your rendering is such a problem, optimize it for Xbox one x, it worked before.. people are using sdd, making it an unfair playing field anyway. 3. How hard is it to ask the customer what they want. Now im talking about the map selection, im sorry to tell you, but miramar is your least favorite map. You need to accept it. I know there are some people that like the more slow paced game, but you are a minority. Just make a poll of possible map rotations that doesnt kill the playerbase on selective maps, example mini and big royale, two map each. I got 450wins and have played the shit out of this game the last year. My squad has left the game, we will most likely come back if things changes, but right now eu squad are missing another 4 players when trying to fill up a lobby after late midnight cest. Pubg corp lost a lot of their communication when nico stepped down, i suggest that they bring someone new to host a bi-weekly/monthly ask/answer shoe until things actually get fixed. Let the goodbye felicia comments rain✌
  10. x HiHo

    Bad loot? Does it exist?

    The big difference is 25 minutes games on sanhok versus 40 mins on miramar, its just boring... make a mini miramar🙌
  11. x HiHo

    Add new controller configuration "C"

    Or just use type b
  12. x HiHo

    ADS bug

    its the most natural way to aim if u ever played shooter games before pubg Lb is third person shots with type b
  13. In a pc dev letter it was stated that the developers believe vikendi should be a smg dominated map, and it is designed that way.. okay why is it so open then? They are increasing the ar spawns in a new update and decreasing dmr so some good news and some bad-(keep in mind smgs spawns are pretty much the same, bringing in the Bizon). But if you have looked at this cave they are bringing in, there are some issues. Its like sanhok loot centered in one location, plus 2 air drops. Its simply unbalanced, making a lot of people want to go there. I have been watching some streams and before the first circle closes there are like 35 people left, the rest are dead. They need to decide what they want with vikendi..
  14. x HiHo

    No cave for us.....yet....

    You got the memo? Its on pts not on live server😂😂
  15. x HiHo


    Same bug on the pts pc😊