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  1. I do not agree. But the real question is just why😊
  2. In the new update the awm will 1 shot a dude with full health awhile using a lvl 2vest. This is already tested in pts for pc, why do we need the same issues, u know it is not well balanced. In the later patch they reduced the damage to 130% and lowered the base dmg of awm. Are you obligiated to release the exact same content well knowing it has issues?
  3. Thats kind of the problem, i like all maps, but not 10 times in a row. When we choose to only play standard maps (not vikendi), we get miramar 50-60%. That might be a coincidence, but in my experience with pubg corp, its not. Something is broken, or they have choosed a particular priority without telling us.
  4. Previously, when selecting Quick Join, matchmaking would heavily favor matching players into the most commonly selected maps.
  5. Recently you changed quck join priorities on pc, before the patch you had higher chances getting particular maps (why?). Vikendi was on of them. Time to make the change on xbox aswell, 9 of 10 times you get vikendi, stop forcing us. even out the odds. Another solution is to ask us, your playerbase what kind of map rotation we want, make a poll of rotations that could be supported. We are in 2019, how hard is it involve your community...
  6. Playing a regular match, still happening. Also the rendering got worse with this new update, playing on a xbox one ssd. And there is a freeze for a secon upon landing. Any comments given by the developers yet?
  7. The game is crashing again, my friend froze last game and now me. Havent had that problem for a long time...
  8. x HiHo


    Same bug on the pts pc😊
  9. There is no point landing there bcuz people can just shoot you through walls that are noe rendered in
  10. Since you are already here why dont u try to calm the forum. People are getting pretty upset over the ps4 weapon skins ect😅
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