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  1. FreakyTechno


    What is the radar hack? Is this happening on xbox PUBG? What is it, someone please explain?
  2. Thanks dude! Everyone has recommended this one — i’ll go for the 250 one — i can’t wait to see the results haha. And you’re on an xbox one S also, so that makes me happy that you are seeing better rendering
  3. I’ll just go with a 250GB one — my budget is small atm. And yes — please could you upload a clip of your rendering times, would like to see that! thanks dude
  4. FreakyTechno

    New Parachuting

    wow. really?
  5. Okay three of you recommending the exact same one — i’ll definitely check that one out now. This one do the job? 250GB Samsung Portable SSD T5 250GB https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074MCKLHJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_SJHACbBYATVHA
  6. Mate, I would happily get NOTHING new for a whole damn YEAR if it just meant that they would make PUBG run better...
  7. Can anyone please recommend an external SSD for my Xbox One S? Ove been told and seen many many times that it massively helps with rendering and load times, and I absolutely can not stand the long render times and getting stuck in objects and killed when landing. Ive heard that I should get one that is at less 250GB in size, but can someone please recommend one? I’m in the UK. so I’ll likely use Amazon. I have an Xbox One S (apparently either an external SSD OR an xbox One X will solve issues, and obviously an SSD is the cheaper option. (I’m hoping that I do not need an SSD AND an Xbox One, lol) Thank you
  8. FreakyTechno

    Just bought a 500G SSD for an OG results

    I have an Xbox One S — would getting an external SSD and running it off that help me out? Or only if I have an SSD with an Xbox One X?
  9. FreakyTechno


    This update has broken so many things... I am getting so so tired of this now. hffff
  10. Add me on Xbox and let’s PUBG!


    GT: Freaky Techno