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  1. FreakyTechno

    City map for the next map? San Francisco??

    could you imagine how badly a city map would run? Look how long it takes just small clusters of buildings to render in, damn, a city map would be disastrous, as much as i would love it
  2. FreakyTechno

    Question for top level players

    Thank you bro! 🙏🙏 Definitely getting better. oh, and kudos for killing me yesterday
  3. FreakyTechno

    Question for top level players

    Okay fair point, I just try to make sure I’m always ready to aim, but a lot of the time I aim up and i’m off target and have to drag a bit — but yeah, seen that video, you make it look so easy haha. But thanks man, i’m getting better, finally hit double digit kills, got 10 in a solo today, so getting better, just practice practice practice!!
  4. FreakyTechno

    Yet another day

    it is currently the worst it has ever been in terms of freezing 😞
  5. FreakyTechno

    Is there any talk of PUBG2?

    I don’t think there are any plans for this — certainly not from PlayerUnknown himself — but yeah, a new PUBG, actually optimised and crested FOR console (at least the console version, obviously) would be a DREAM. Oh how nice it would be to have the PUBG experience done properly and running well😩🙏
  6. FreakyTechno

    Question for top level players

    Critic — regarding getting your crosshairs on players/position before aiming, how do you actually go about this? I’ve tried putting a pen mark in the centre of my screen, or a sticker, i find a sticker actually blocks my view when i’m trying to aim at someone peaking — what would you recommend? A black pen dot, or? I find that i loose crucial time by aiming and then dragging into position, if i could have that initial crosshairs placement right instantly, i would get so many more kills and die a lot less
  7. FreakyTechno

    The ability to kick player's out of the squad!

    I absolutely can not believe that this is not already an option... It’s so damn frustrating..
  8. FreakyTechno

    Any plans to add more Achievements?

    I would like this 🙂 bump the overall to 1500G!
  9. FreakyTechno

    PUBG Roadmap for 2019-Beyond

    LOL. This game is not going to last 5/10 years😳
  10. FreakyTechno

    tpp players

    Duuuude! Is hugeaxewound your GT on xbox as well? me and my brother kieanjmillin played pubg with you a bit — recognise the name 😂
  11. Nope. Love it how it is. However, they should definitely have the Battle Royale and Mini Royale options. Bunching all the maps together is ridiculous lol — sanhok should be on its own or with Vikendi.
  12. FreakyTechno

    Store update

    It was mentioned in the latest patch notes. 1 new BP crate — no what though, something that PC already has. My guess is probably East Erangel Police crate (doesn’t have much in it)
  13. FreakyTechno

    Getting shot behind a tree on xbox

    This is dysnc — and it has indeed got a LOT worse on xbox. It’s really frustrating:-(
  14. FreakyTechno

    New crates March 12th

    Probably the east erangel police crate (not a lot of stuff in it st all) hoping for something good though