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  1. Brodinn92

    Mouse/KB support about to be official

    No, this is a screen shot from Lumos's Reddit account. He's dispelling the rumors..
  2. Brodinn92

    Mouse/KB support about to be official

    False information. Devs ultimately get the choice on supporting it or not, which they said they'd never add.
  3. Brodinn92


    When a gun has negative recoil with certain attachments I'd say it isn't working properly. The UMP, even without attachments is just about the easiest weapon to use at any skill level. Jump onto the pc and use an UMP, it is totally different as it actually has recoil! Don't get me wrong it is easy to offset with a mouse and simple pull down, but the point is that it definitely does not operate like any other gun in this game when it comes to recoil and overall feel. No damage reduction or anything else needs to be done.. just fix the recoil pattern and how attachments effect the shooting and we're good.
  4. Brodinn92

    Can we get a server maintenance?

    @Lone wolf Yes I know but they can submit ideas to the development team.
  5. Brodinn92

    Can we get a server maintenance?

    @PUBG_Andymh5 @PUBG_Oreoree @PUBG_Lumos This ^^^
  6. Brodinn92

    random AND curated?

    @pajama dad Curation would be nice in theory, until you find 2 M416s or 2 suppressors next to each other 🤣 I think it's all just the situation at hand.
  7. Brodinn92

    random AND curated?

    I wouldn't say that exactly but the randomness is what makes pubg such an addictive experience. Not knowing what you're going to walk out with is another large part of the game. I don't entirely disagree with your idea, I just think they need to buff certain loot tables slightly. I personally only bitch about loot when it is a hot drop type situation and I cannot find a gun to defend myself, otherwise just knowing it'll be harder to find an AR on Erangel makes it that much better to find it. I dunno, I think they had it more balanced in the past and everyone playing Sanhok exclusively has become accustomed to the buffed loot. I love Erangel and enjoy Miramar from time to time, but Sanhok is a love/hate relationship.
  8. Brodinn92

    random AND curated?

    I think you're missing the point of the loot table and their setup... this is my opinion but this is how I see it. I do agree loot could be buffed to an extent but the devs did not want people to get looted entirely from one large apartment building or just a few houses. Making the loot sparse makes players move to obtain more loot, increasing the probability of encounters. Also having "guaranteed" items in certain areas cheapens the randomness/chaos/etc. that makes you look back after the glorious dinner and revel in the journey that you just experienced. Dropping somewhere and having something guaranteed is something that pubg as a game type just cannot have. I like the idea, but the random nature of the game and each round is what makes it so great.
  9. Brodinn92

    Fix the buggy please.

    Tired of flipping over for a split second only to explode in some kinda Michael Bay type explosion.There seems to be an invisible obstruction on top of the buggy that causes it to blow up. I do not know of any other vehicle that blows up upon flipping over on the roof. Maybe the Mirado? Either way, this needs to be fixed as it is beyond painful to have a death due to a bug or an unintended game design flaw. I have had more moments like this but not all have been recorded. Sauce: (Happens a little over half way through) https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/helenkeller101/video/64979455 @PUBG_Andymh5 @PUBG_Lumos @PUBG_Oreoree
  10. Brodinn92

    And this player use normal controller...

    You're high AF. Using an unspported input device meant to play PC games on an Xbox game that uses controllers? It's definitely cheating. Aiming is way easier and you can control your shots. Microsoft ALREADY includes M&K support but pubg team is not allowing it, because.. go buy a PC if you wanna use M&K? You have to use a XIM4 input system to play pubg on M&K to emulate the mouse, so a not officially supported input device? Definitely cheating..
  11. Brodinn92

    I Am Going To Start Streaming PUBG

    Easy set up, and more user friendly. You can of both I think if you really wanted to.
  12. Brodinn92

    I Am Going To Start Streaming PUBG

    I think you'll drop twitch eventually, I just don't like the static bar over the health.. I am on mixer and play with some pretty cool dudes who happen to be pretty good. www.mixer.com/HelenKeller101
  13. Brodinn92

    Streamers and YouTube guys

    www.mixer.com/HelenKeller101 Semi-serious above average skill and tons of pubg knowledge! Stop by the channel and I'll play with you, or chat while you're there. I'll follow you back if you stream too !
  14. Brodinn92

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    Yes! Incredibly nice. I got it on sale too so more than happy!
  15. Brodinn92

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    Xbox One X 500gb SSD 28" QLED Samsung Monitor, 60hz Freesync, 1ms response. 25" Alienware 240hz Freesync, 1 Ms response for PC. 1070 gtx PC for streaming Xbox One X Elite Controller with Kontrol Freaks sticks. QLED 1MS with Freesync almost ALMOST makes Pubg look fantastic and smooth compared to other screens. The COLORS are freaking ridiculous! Highly recommend for anyone who wants a meaningful upgrade!