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  1. I like this... once a can has been hit, allow a few seconds before the explosion... maybe an audio cue
  2. Yay!! https://twitter.com/wjacky101/status/1141354903534804993?s=21
  3. No, they still have it available in their store 👍 PC do get robbed though, having to use BP to buy the crate then real money for the keys to unlock the thing is shocking... Im guessing many don't have it for this reason but I'm so pleased it's not like this for us
  4. Any ideas when/if we will be able to get this skin? I love the AK, but if I had the choice I'd rather us get it on a different AR (M4!!)... Maybe us console players can have it as a exclusive item perhaps?
  5. Unlucky mate... If I were to guess, I can only assume the AWM shot registered as a neck shot? Looks like a headshot but who knows with pubg... Maybe a little dysync with the G36 dude, it did show him shooting first... Perhaps the hits didn't register on your screen immediately or peakers advantage even?
  6. Yes I did it as @llllAzllll posted... Also, he/she has changed their name recently so not sure if that could be a potential reason?
  7. Top secret 😂 I know right it's weird... I went onto season stats which gave very little but on recent matches it shows up... A little strange to be fair... Maybe custom games don't show on season then I assume 😂
  8. Pretty sure this is the right report... As if they get to play Vikendi customs 😂 https://pubglookup.com/players/xbox/bruins420fan/matches/34635813-3e8f-4401-9f5a-73fae30c863f
  9. All joking aside... It's quite mad how many literal days/months/years we all put into playing games... I'd never admit to friends or family outside of games 😂 can't see it stopping either... Imagine the full on LAN parties at the old people's home!
  10. 😂 I'm not a fan of bear traps, not for the idea itself but... I remember on dayz I set one up to screw anyone over who found my camp... I accidentally stood on it!! broken leg!! Crawled for what felt like hours to get supplies 😂 nightmare mate I'd be up for spike strips for sure! I'd quite like it as a one use item... Can hit multiple tyres as long as it's with a short space of time if that makes sense?
  11. 😂 it's ok, we're all cool AF over here so it's understandable you would accidentally come over 😂 Was going to say how the hell did you get the green twitch skin!!
  12. I've the turquoise which I quite like to be fair... Not sure if I'll put the grind in... Just playing it casually at the moment
  13. I agree with this for sure, I aim to do this all the time! However, this particular player I came across with all the grenades was incredibly good at showing very little to nothing... I should've recorded it but I felt as though they do this most of the time... It wasn't your normal I see him at the tree, I'll throw a grenade there, it was like he/she would intentionally throw plenty wide then throw directly on me and whilst I had one opportunity to take them out (I potatoe'd 😂) it was very difficult to keep track of all the grenades, I was actually quite pleased with how long I managed to survive it... It rarely happens to me and I'd have zero issue if they stay the same... But I also wouldn't object to a limit of 5 or so either as personally I feel that is more than enough... The lad/ladette stats for anyone interested...
  14. I feel a total carry amount would be better suited as a weight limit would still allow players to spam... I'd personally say specifically to explosives but with that being said I suppose all throwables have their place in the game... Maybe a total carry amount to all throwables would work better... IE. Total amount carried is 5 or so... You chose which throwables to fill up those slots?
  15. Honestly, I don't really have an issue with grenades but I do think a limit to the amount being carried isn't such a bad thing... I appreciate players are sacrificing other items but the ability to 'spam' without seeing the enemy can be a little too overpowered at times... If it were me, I'd limit grenades specifically to 5 or so total
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