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  1. Stuffedcrust21

    New "WEIRD" weapons?

    😂 a ye olde cannon on top of one of the towers at castle...
  2. Stuffedcrust21


    😂 yea I'm kinda the same, don't generally pay much attention but occasionally I'll look... Hehe well it was 50/50 to be fair, it could've gone either way. I was playing 1 man squad, kinda felt you were on a 2 man squad maybe? It was at Pai Nan, knocked your mate in an upstairs room, flashed and I ran upstairs... I think at that point we subconsciously agreed to whip out the old red spud guns 😂
  3. Stuffedcrust21


    I know right 😂 I was in a top 3 with @ii DoT CoM the other night... I felt I had the worst cover and he killed me 😂 I noticed @Moobs123 killing it in duos the other night 👍 Ive killed @Goofy The Scot in sahnok before, had it recorded but my PC got the dreaded blue screen so I lost everything 😔
  4. Stuffedcrust21

    Scavenger Hunt Winners

    Not me... I was sound asleep when the screenshots got released 😂 fairplay though mate, if it were me I'd go for the hoodie 👍
  5. Stuffedcrust21

    Reason why we can’t pick what map we want?

    p Not sure of the comparison between players playing PC to Xbox but these are my wait times on PC
  6. Stuffedcrust21

    Vikendi can't be in the Adriatic sea

    Vikendi reminds me of Slovenia... Lake Bled, that kind of area... No northern lights but a brilliant night sky!! Highly recommend the place
  7. Stuffedcrust21

    Training mode - please help me pros.

    Ok so if you think your sensitivity might be an issue, distance yourself approximately 50m away from a group of trees... Purely using your free aim move from tree to tree in a single movement landing your crosshair on each target as fast as you can, if your going past the tree lower your general sensitivity or higher if your under aiming... Don't change anything drastic but fine tune it... I have a higher general sensitivity as the main bulk of your aiming should be free aim and lower ADS as your crosshair should already be close to target... But use whatever works well for you... For really close range it's difficult because it's generally a full on potato spray and pray... Just try to use your tactical knowledge, flash, grenades move and listen... I try to have the centre of screen positioned all the time so reaction time will be quicker... Also, try not to hug walls too close on corners... The further away from the wall you are the more you can see 👍
  8. Stuffedcrust21

    Training mode - please help me pros.

    I'd ask what part of your gameplay do you feel your struggling with the most, how do you generally die? What do you think your best at? For me personally it's all well and good controlling recoil but what use is that if I'm already loading back to the menu, it was about how quickly I'm able to aim at my target... To build muscle memory I pick a random tree/rock whilst running, free aim towards the area then aim down sights to the left of the tree at head height as quickly as possible, I repeat this all the time with different trees at different distances literally all the time... Training/live servers doesn't matter just keep doing it every game!! On training specifically, I go behind the warehouses where the guns etc are located... Find a tree, and peak right at an object... shoot and as quickly as possible peak left at the same object and shoot...I keep going right/left whilst mixing it up abit but always aiming at the same object... Ultimately for me it was about being able to aim/move as quickly and as fluid as possible... Really not great at the game, but I've 100% improved!! 👍
  9. Stuffedcrust21

    Hmmm... How?

    It's shown on timeline bud
  10. It's weird that it's not registering for some of you guys, they all counted for me... Just remember how the redzones spawn and try to position yourself accordingly, it'll happen at some point 😂 Redzone The center of the red zone spawns outside of the play zone The smaller the play zone, the smaller the red zone
  11. Stuffedcrust21

    M203 grenade launcher

    You may already know, but hold RT to aim your grenade, release RT and immediately press jump... The grenade will throw further 👍
  12. Stuffedcrust21


    Fairplay bud... The grind is real 👍
  13. Stuffedcrust21

    M249 "Rare" World Spawn ?

    I'm all up for a new crate weapon but I'd rather keep the M249 as it is... I wouldn't be opposed to having the AUG as a world spawn though
  14. Stuffedcrust21

    Only Holographic sights

    Nice clip... I always use a red dot over holo purely because it's less obstructive for view... For me, if they added a small magnification to the holo I think it would balance out the two nicely