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  1. Stuffedcrust21

    Show Me Your Hero (or Killer)

    After seeing everyone else's I think mine's quite boring 😂
  2. Stuffedcrust21

    1v1’s new mode

    It's really fun to be honest... Including myself I know 10 RL friends who play pubg... Haven't done it for awhile but we used to randomly draw duo's (out of a hat) and have fun against one another... We'd play 5points for 1st, 3points for second and 2 for third... 1 point for a kill... I did notice people always message asking for the password though 😂
  3. Stuffedcrust21

    (Console) Looting optimisation ideas

    Id be up for additional loot columns for sure, pointless keeping the greyed out character model for no reason... Extra columns open the possibility to having individual areas for different item types... Heals/boosts... Ammo/attachments etc...
  4. Stuffedcrust21

    server is junk again.

    To be fair... Playing on PC off the same hardwired connection I have low ping zero packet loss etc, guns are loaded whilst still in the air... On Xbox it used to be like this but nowadays it takes a few seconds after landing...
  5. Stuffedcrust21

    This is messed up

    https://mixer.com/ThumblessGaGa/mobile?vod=98491818 Start @ 2hours 18mins.... I was in this game also until he killed me 😂
  6. Stuffedcrust21

    So are the new skins coming to console?

    To be honest... After watching Jacky's stream last night I'm under the impression that the skins were delayed by months... To the extend Jacky didn't even think it would happen... I can only assume we won't be getting anything any time soon unfortunately (Xbox related that is)
  7. Stuffedcrust21

    Replay Feature Poll.

    I'm surprised we haven't had death cam ported over to be honest... Sure, on PC crosshairs dont like up etc but it's not just about that... It's about getting a general idea of what happened and how you can learn from it
  8. Stuffedcrust21

    This is messed up

    I'd agree, Gaga won the one I was in (he killed me 😂) and the second I won so I don't believe it to be a lag switch either but who knows right...
  9. Stuffedcrust21

    This is messed up

    This has happened twice to me today... no freefall though, kicked back to lobby and rejoin game... literally 100 players in a punch up fight lol
  10. Stuffedcrust21

    Harold Brock

    Your right, it doesn't... I did add it to my home screen and it kinda changes it into a app... I like both sites for sure, but I do find myself predominantly using lookup nowadays
  11. Stuffedcrust21

    Harold Brock

    @Cleric you can see them for free on https://pubglookup.com 👍
  12. Stuffedcrust21

    Update 6 tonight

    I do hope so... I mean I'm guessing here, but they accidentally released the bizon skin on the store which was included in that same patch 🤞
  13. Stuffedcrust21

    Map voting

    It was close for me between Sanhok (sa-knock) and Vikendi... I like all the maps but those are my preferred... 6x6 all the way for me 👍
  14. Stuffedcrust21

    Update 6 tonight

    Too soon for patch #27? Would be mint though 😂
  15. Stuffedcrust21

    Vultures over Miramar**URGENT**MUST READ**

    Assuming it was implemented correctly with pubg running well (I know right 😂)... Why wouldn't you want helicopters added? Nothing major, just curious