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  1. PUBG_YaySprinkle

    Nordic Discord server

    Hey, You're all welcome to join the PUBG Nordic Lounge on Discord to meet other Nordic players, discuss the game or just to say good morning when you're in a good mood. The Nordic channel is not a replacement for the PUBG Official Discord <-- so please go here for your daily dose of news and updates. Rules and guidelines are simple: be nice and play fair. If you want to invite a friend, here's the direct invite link: discord.gg/wAmTsCu See you there! Yay Sprinkle
  2. PUBG_YaySprinkle

    Bug on Miramar

    Thanks for reporting! I found the same issue/location reported in the main Bug Forums as well so I'm sure it's being looked into. Yay Sprinkle
  3. Hello fellow Nordics! You might be wondering why the communication here is in English and why some of the main subforums aren't here. Allow me to explain! ? While some of our Nordic languages may be similar, there's no doubt that it sometimes can be hard to understand each other. To avoid confusion we're starting things off here in the one language that most of us can understand. I realize it might be a bit annoying to some, but as the Nordic community grows in size we'll look into adding separate sections for each Nordic language. When it comes to the missing subforums (such as News & Announcements, Patch Notes, Bug Reports etc.), please head over to the main English forums to join the discussions or to read up on the latest news. As of right now, it doesn't really make sense to, for example, add a Bug Report subforum here when it also would have to be in English. It would just be confusing and I'm sure the main one would offer you help much faster! For now, let's focus on growing our glorious Nordic community step by step and if you have questions or feedback regarding any of this don't hesitate to let me know. Skål! Yay Sprinkle Nordic PUBG Community Manager