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  1. fakiiri


    I will try to upload it later tonight
  2. fakiiri


    Dont know if it is related or not but on replays weapons suddenly disappear from player killing you. This is now a daily thing but did not happen this often before. Is there some old exploit around now being used by more and more players.
  3. fakiiri


    Players show up in replays so there are no point of showing those.
  4. fakiiri


    Just saw another tread about exact same issue:
  5. fakiiri


    i7-8086K 16GB 480GB NVMe SSD for games RAID 1 2x 128 SSD for OS GTX 1060 6GB Just google pubg invisible players and there are several videos showing this bug
  6. Same bug that has been around for over a year... players are not being rendered. How can shit like this still be in game????
  7. fakiiri

    Loot spawning!?

    Running from NVMe drive and I have same problem that sometimes spawns take some time. I think it is more server to client kind of issue than anything to do with PC specs.
  8. fakiiri

    Bullets are going through visible part of head

    Seems bullets go trough body as well or there are some new nice hacks around... Been happening on few games. clear shot, 4x scope and not a single hit to target being completely still. Something is really broken in this game at the moment.
  9. fakiiri

    Bullets are going through visible part of head

    Personally I think the range is calculated really weirdly in the game. Get 8x scope put in 200m zeroing and bullets goes way over target when 4x scope hits dead middle even on longer ranges than 100m. Nothing realistic when trying to use scopes.
  10. fakiiri

    Bullets are going through visible part of head

    This raises question why are weapons like mp9 zeroed at 100m when they are only effective up to 100m. Or shotguns that are effective up to 40m Or why weapons like AKM have such high bullet drop on lets say 300m
  11. fakiiri

    Game crashing all the time

    I have issues with game crashing also. Started after vikendi. Crashing when detaching parachute etc.. Also crash reporter crashes so cannot even send out logs....
  12. Should focud on fixing more gamebreaking bugs like no sounds being played, invisible players, hits not beng registered etc.. Stuff that should have been fixed in early alpha. Instead of maximising profit before game completely dies.
  13. fakiiri

    Bullets go trough players

    Clearly visible blood splatter in in game footage and on replay nothing nada zero. Saw few other posts here showing same issue.
  14. 3% is still 3 out of 100. So that is ALOT. Basically you will encounter cheater every game as cheaters will be top in the food chain.
  15. What it seems to me there has been a lot more ESP cheaters since last patch compared to something like 2 months ago.