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  1. Mister Cloner

    Throwing smoke grenade warning

    Built-in VR
  2. Mister Cloner

    Can't See Into Buildings

    If your tv panel is VA, there’s nothing you can do to change that. But in IPS pannels it is fine. VA is not really designed for any gaming purpose.
  3. No, because the playerbase on the live servers are already low and it’s even lower in PTS
  4. Mister Cloner

    Xbox capping upload speed?

    Mine’s 100+
  5. Mister Cloner

    Xbox capping upload speed?

    Dude, I would kill for that connection 😂
  6. Mister Cloner


    UI is good? What do you call a good UI? Have you ever switched servers to see the text within text bug on screen? Have you switched from tpp to fpp and vice versa with buddies in your lobby to see that on their screen the previous mode is selected and when they ready up everything goes to **** and everyone should return to the title screen or even restart the game? You have no idea my dude. I don’t have a creative mind to what should they do to make the game less boring, but I’m sure as hell that I played more than 50days of Halo 5 and still going strong, but got tired after 20 days of playing PUBG. And yes, no FPP in Europe. The option is there for solos and squads, but you can’t get a mach ever!
  7. Mister Cloner


    Terrible UI, lack of content, poor optimization, No FPP... Heck, they even never fixed the 15x scope sensitivity or blurry 2x scope yet. Things that could be fixed by a single programmer in less than a day!
  8. Mister Cloner

    Let we change our LT config

    Just don’t be a fast-responsive douche and read carefully what he said.
  9. Mister Cloner

    Rumour has it there's a Mini 14 on Vikendi

    You can get 92 uzis instead.
  10. Mister Cloner

    A 7200RPM HDD?

    I know man. Fact is I should pay for delivery and then it would be as expensive as the average ones.
  11. Mister Cloner

    A 7200RPM HDD?

    I'm pretty sure that 15 seconds was an exaggeration. Even for Miramar. Thanks for the info. I don't want to pay much for something like 250 gigabytes of storage, while I can buy 2 terabytes of storage with the same money. Budget SSDs are not that much available in my country.
  12. Mister Cloner

    A 7200RPM HDD?

    Actually most of them provide fake numbers. It can’t be judged based on that. But at the end of the day, most of them are the same. Seagate, WD, SP,...
  13. Mister Cloner

    A 7200RPM HDD?

    I have a question for all those 7200rpm HDD users, do you have problems with rendering in the game? Right now my game is installed on a portable external hdd drive 5400rpm and I have massive rendering issues on my Xbox One X. I just wanted to know if I could go for an external desktop hdd instead of an SSD.
  14. Mister Cloner

    State of FPP PUBG - Lessons and feedback

    I didn’t say that and I don’t know why I’m mentioned instead of the other guy 😂
  15. Mister Cloner

    PTS grenade problems

    When you throw a grenade and instantly press the switch weapon button, the grenade goes to the belt and explodes there. A new bug which also exists on pc