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  1. Yeah I started playing on PC since couple of months ago and it’s whole lot better than the console versions. I think the thing is, they don’t wanna invest on the console versions for any financial reasons there is, otherwise I bet the game can run at least 50% better in terms of performance.
  2. Yes I pick female characters in most games. Reason is, I’ve already been a man in real world, why not be a female in the fictional world of gaming? 😁
  3. Dude simply download the xvpn app on your pc or mobile phone and do it yourself. I can do it for you but it is really simple. Once the vpn is activated, go to redeem.microsoft.com
  4. When you throw a grenade and instantly press the switch weapon button, the grenade goes to the belt and explodes there. A new bug which also exists on pc
  5. It is clearly stated in the patch notes that there are some volume adjustments in the settings, but today the only setting under the audio tab was the kill switch of the lobby music.
  6. Please don’t be late. We don’t wanna play this game at 60fps when all the players gone
  7. Wireless controllers already have a huge amount of input lag. This is console gaming territory and everything's like this.
  8. The game is becoming less FPP and more TPP by the day and that hurts me so badly.
  9. Also loading times when going to in-game or menu. It is way longer now
  10. Yeah exactly. I play with brightness at 100 with HDR on and don't have any problems. Please if you fix this issue for those with bright screens, don't ruin it for us. LG/SJ8000
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