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  1. I'll never understand this argument. Having a bugged grip does not equal to being OP. I absolutely despise the UMP, it's an okay weapon for early game, but has trash damage once someone gets a decent vest. I'll drop it even for an M16.
  2. fSucee

    Ghillie Suit on Vikendi

    While "I've never seen one" is not an argument in itself - I haven't either, nor have any of my friends. Does anyone actually have proof that ghillies were available on the PTS? Not "uh, DUH" as proof, but a clip or screenshot?
  3. fSucee

    Individual Map Selection

    True for the most part. But there is no reason behind one single playlist for BR maps and Sanhok. Sure, add Vikendi as a separate one for the season, but don't mix totally different playstyles like that. Also, how about the challenges? It will be oh so great to have a Sanhok-specific challenge - which you will be able to complete based on blind luck.
  4. fSucee

    New community challenge?

    It wasn't.
  5. fSucee

    Confirmation please!

    "Others" (Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok) Vikendi Pretty much a joke, yes. There's also quick join, which will put you wherever. Your confirmation is in the patch notes.
  6. It can be a goddamn joke at times. Yea, I was also going "slow"... If you consider being hit at 60 km/h slow. Also, I'm basically pushing him for metres - which is totally stupid, too, this would never happen while hitting someone with a bike. Also, the way he kills me is so fucking laughable and impossible that I was not even able to be mad, I was so confused. Guy wasn't even looking/aiming at me, and not even at the bike at the killshot.
  7. fSucee

    Individual Map Selection

    Quick Join wold still be there with individual selection. I understand that this comes down to numbers, but do you really think it is "best for the community" to make decisions that nobody supports from said community? Can you at least tell us, is this for a brief period until Vikendi is no longer "new" (i.e the event/season) is over? Will it go back to BR - MR after that?
  8. fSucee

    Individual Map Selection

    Jesus Christ, who made that decision and thought it's okay? It's pretty damn rare that my squad & I want to play Sanhok, and it's pretty annoying when we get only Erangel/Miramar in BR for 5-6 times in a row. Now you're making it so that we can't even choose which playstyle we want. Genius.
  9. fSucee

    Is vikendi fixed?

    Lol, they must have been. Only issues that you personally have are common. It doesn't matter that there was an official post about it - you did not have it, so it was not common.
  10. fSucee

    Is vikendi fixed?

    So not being able to drive or getting stuck in ADS is not gamebreaking? Lol.
  11. fSucee

    stuck on mountains in sanhok

    There's a similar spot on Erangel, near the Ruins - between the Ruins and the "yellow house compound", near some ruined bastion. On one of the rocks, you can get stuck for a long period. Props to the devs for apparently not having a spot where you get permanently stuck, though (not counting the inside of boxes due to horrible render times).
  12. fSucee

    Is vikendi fixed?

    Miramar came out to the live servers in the exact state we've had it on PTS. When we've had the update with the dynamic weather effects, I vaguely remember some bugs (probably with some aiming issue, and cars not being able to be driven?) on PTS - everyone reported them repeatedly, yet they still implemented it, with a much later live fix. But as I said, it's a good sign that Vikendi did not drop yesterday, and they take another week after the PTS shutdown.
  13. A main menu & customisation that doesn't lag, and buying & opening crates without delay. I'm not even asking for much
  14. fSucee

    Killing Knocked Players

    I don't see how this is based on "respect" in your eyes, but whatever floats your boat, mate. I don't give half a shit about ruining the squad game for others.
  15. fSucee


    All we have is a date for the new map, we still don't have exact patch notes, nor any news regarding this month's update(s). But of course you had to make a thread about your "disappointment", based on literally nothing.