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  1. It comes to the live servers in a week anyway, so I guess many didn't even bother. Also, when I found out that Erangel is not featured, THEN I found out that the loot balance is not even final, I realised that PTS is a waste of space for me as well. Checked out rendering in 4-5 matches, and that's that. (Better, but furniture load times are still heavily delayed on the OneX.) Never got Erangel though.
  2. ... And yet, in this game, it can be perfectly used to stop the vehicle, I don't see why it'd bother anyone. Pubg, and "basic mechanics of a real vehicle", yea right. You can still use it to drift as well anyway. If anything about this Accelerate-Reverse thing sucks it's the inability to make a J-turn, for example. Makes getaways a menace, no matter how fast you go, the car will simply stop. Also, it's pretty stupid that after you spin out and... well, accidentally continue your journey in reverse - e.g. slightly hitting a tree with the side of your car after a jump with high speed -, you can't keep that momentum. Doesn't matter if you're going downhill, you try to keep it up in reverse by pressing Lt - then it works as a goddamn brake.
  3. AR recoil control is not too hard on the console, 3x is also my go-to scope for auto sprays. I'm not even a good player, I just have a lot of hours in it and you get used to it. Also, your last sentence simply sounds like an exaggeration. I still don't believe that cheating is so wide-spread as many of you seem to claim.
  4. I just call it pickup, since it's a pickup. Not that I play with randoms who would care about it. Anyway, you could get mad at countless unimportant things. Nobody knows how to correctly pronounce "Dacia", either, for example. It's Romanian - 'a' does not become 'ei', and 'c' does not become 's'.
  5. That would be horrible. Lvl3 vest feels imbalanced as it is.
  6. Well I could sugarcoat it, but I don't suppose it is a coincidence that it had to be "further balanced" on PC. The fact that it'll be changed on console later doesn't make it look any better, either. Still haven't had the chance to try it myself, I just don't see why is it good for you guys to add changes that are confirmed to be bad.
  7. Can't even get Erangel to take a look. Takes 3-6 minutes to get a game then it's bloody Vikendi... How and why they left Sanhok as featured is beyond me. Edit: Uhm... So if this is a broken loot balance that will be further modified, why do we have to get it?
  8. Yep, this was weird to me as well. I mean sure, if you play Standard, you'll get Erangel eventually, but I thought that we'd get to test the loot changes directly. Anyway, servers are supposedly up, but I still can't find a match. I'm sitting here with "Estimated Time 00:00" on Quick Join, almost four minutes have passed. That would not be alarming on PTS, but when it estimates zero wait time, I can't help but wonder if there is something wrong. Edit: Never mind, just as I sent my comment, the countdown began.
  9. We've had this two days ago as well, so yes, it is present in the latest build - though it was only through scopes for us: my duo partner has already popped the tyre, and I didn't know about it. I tried to do the same, and after I started swearing that 5 bullets from an SLR are not enough, he looked back on the buggy and notified me that he'd already taken care of it. It showed up intact for him as well. It doesn't just affect the buggy, we've had it with many other vehicles in a similar manner.
  10. "Trying to pan fight" is the dumb thing in your situation though.
  11. I've come across a container that cannot be reached in Novorepnoye through conventional means (I guess you might reach it from the top of an uaz, I didn't have one atm), however, it is clear that it's in fact a loot spawnpoint, since there's a lvl2 helmet sitting there. The placement and angle of the door prevents jumping inside, it's not open on the other side, and a simple vault cannot be triggered by jumping up.
  12. Nah, I'm EU, I don't have FPP matches for example, so it's not "all about us". I still don't need your lag in my game, I've seen how messed up it is when the game accidentally puts me to OC.
  13. Because desync is horrible as it is, we don't need OC players to add to it.
  14. It is clearly shown on the map whether something is available through flare gun airdrops - and I think it even shows up above your minimap if you actually have the gun. Not the most user-friendly, but not getting anything is simple player error, not the devs' or the game's fault.
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