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  1. The real fun starts when you don't really care about your placement anymore, lol. My highest kill wins came from the "I just wanna run around and get into every goddamn firefight" mentality.
  2. Bah. It is a valid tactic, even if you are more of a run&gun type of player. I get bored easily while camping, but if I have the best position in a certain situation, I won't give it up. And worms? Fkin flesh-eating WORMS? Is this a troll thread? Lol. I had this as the final circle today. I kinda knew where the other two guys were (the guy in the North shot the one on my left, so I figured the 3rd one must be on the right), and there is no real cover where I was, only the natural cover granted by the terrain - so I went to prone until the blue zone started moving. I've also had some random UAZ on my right, so it would have been idiotic to jump around there, a car can be a dead giveaway. You can check the place out, if you lie down there, you're not visible from the other two guys' position. Long story short, stop trying to make rules about gameplay just because you don't fancy something.
  3. What I don't entirely get is why Sanhok fans are so against the idea, when the current one is worse for them as well.
  4. I don't want (or don't need, rather) full selection, I'd just like the BR-MR playlists back. Problem is, a lot of Sanhok players are "just Sanhok players", and they hate Vikendi, so placing Vikendi and Sanhok together would make those people unhappy. Personally, I think Sanhok is a shithole, and only good for quick warmup rounds. Otherwise it's just too chaotic for the battle royale experience. But right now, it is grouped with my favourite map (Miramar), which I don't even seem to get for days now.
  5. I'm also really curious about this. Yes, everyone tells me that this is a network thing, but not once have I seen it confirmed & acknowledged by any official member. And weird how I (or any of you, I suppose) don't have any network problems at all, but the most crucial thing ends up being so crappy.
  6. I really do wonder though, what's the real point of this island anymore? We have a lot of other pre-game spawn areas now, and nobody in their right mind goes to spawn island (except that one time when curiosity makes you go there & immediately regret it). And as you've mentioned, the loot is complete trash, it's not even "meh", it's the biggest trash you can imagine. Does this island really serve any real purpose at this point?
  7. Yep, I get it. As I said, it just feels off. I understand what happened, but I'm kinda sad that I didn't make a clip, since it looked like a much more centered and well-placed hit. Problem is that you can't really do much to counter these things, sometimes I get the 1-2 shot kill, sometimes 4 isn't enough, and I'm doing the same thing essentially. (Also, you killed Kurva389, lol. That means "Bitch389" in my language.)
  8. Lol yea, at the launch of Wild Card, I thought that the entry challenges for the weapons ("reach top # and get a kill with X") meant that you have to reach the placement first, then get the kill. I got 3 kills with the double barrel in Sanhok top10, because nobody expected some idiot to rush right on their position.
  9. Again, that is highly unlikely from such a short distance. Of course I don't want "sniper shotguns", I just want some consistency. I know my limits and possibilities with an AR, SMG etc., but I feel like there's too much on the rng's side with shotguns.
  10. I know 3rd party apps/sites can be wrong, but lookup also lists it as a torso shot. Also, when you're facing each other, and you make a shot that's not off to either side, making only an arm shot should be even harder with a shotgun's spread. And yes, I'd agree with your last sentence - but you just can't use them properly, since making the same actions result in different outcomes, lol.
  11. Ah, we finally had Miramar a couple days ago, it was glorious, lol. Bring Battle Royale and Mini Royale playlists back - don't have to change anything about the current ones, just add them as extra.
  12. So, the shotgun weapon class... It's already at a disadvantage, since they are not useful in most of the midgame and endgame situations. Many times we don't even bother picking them up at the start, even if another team has also landed on our compound. I find them exceptionally unreliable even in the early phase after landing. You just can't be sure that a guy will go down when shot in the chest point-blank. I was at the Paradise Resort, guy came in from the South entrance, I stood at the first pillar (closest to this entrance), and connected an S12k torso shot - pubglookup says it did a crushing damage of 23. Guy was in a bloody t-shirt, not more than 3 meters away I'd say... And other times I just randomly one-shot people with vests equipped, I really don't get it. It's already quite clunky to aim right with shotguns, but when two hits from really close quarters are not enough, one has to wonder if it also the game's fault.
  13. I have seriously no idea how I got this. I never even tried completing it, and I'm sure as hell didn't do what the challenge says by accident. I just had it show up "completed" for some reason, lol.
  14. Yea, I remembered that someone has tagged him already, I just didn't know in which topic & didn't wanna do it again. Thanks!
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