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  1. fSucee

    Next map in Chernobyl

    That would basically be Erangel with a filter and slightly worse-looking wall textures.
  2. fSucee

    idea for being downed??

    Nah, knocked players are incredibly... sturdy as it is. I don't have a problem with the system itself, but the fact that two Kar98 shots might not finish a downed player (if they are fired in quick succession) feels totally wrong.
  3. Even without an SSD, this should not happen. Unacceptable.
  4. fSucee

    New LMG's please?

    Didn't know if it was on Vikendi, haven't really played that brokenass map. But this fact just makes it worse, lol.
  5. fSucee

    New LMG's please?

    Could not care less about missions (or the game for the majority) this season, so I didn't know about this one... But without map selection (even just BR-MR), creating an LMG challenge for us is completely nuts. The DP does not even spawn on some of the maps at all, and it is not that common on the ones that have it - and the crate weapon is also totally random...
  6. fSucee

    Any word from the devs?

    Even when they update us, it never comes true, lol. At least we are not exposed to false hope.
  7. fSucee

    Map rotation idea(?)

    I just knew that one was coming, lol.
  8. fSucee

    Map rotation idea(?)

    I know it is an "asshole-y" thing to say, but with "queue times" being the argument against actual map selection - at what point does one have to come into terms with certain facts? Facts that say that their map has failed? I'm not being sarcastic here: Miramar is my favourite. But if everyone hates it, why force it on them? We don't have map selection, since that would "kill" certain maps. But this is just the devs burying their heads in the sand. They've made a map, but it is not popular, and by some people it is downright hated. They (and us, who actually like it) have to come into terms with that. You know, I don't see "mixed" TPP-FPP playlists, and no-fking-body is playing FPP, even during peak hours (EU).
  9. fSucee

    Hearing fire 🔥 In random locations

    Not just fire, grenades are also totally off. You hear them as if they blew up 5 metres from you while standing near the bridge, Sosnovka side - and in fact, they went off in Mylta. This bug has also been present in the PC version for a pretty long time now.
  10. fSucee

    Extremely laggy customisation menu

    Latest thread My thread Everyone agrees and experiences this. Don't expect any useful answer about making it better, though.
  11. fSucee

    The Matrix is alive in PUBG

    There are even agents with their super speed, and guys falling from the sky - anything goes these days. Edit: Yes, I know the second dude just jumped from the roof/fence. It was still such a clusterf*ck, from the moment I got randomly shot (probably through the wall) to 1hp, through Barry Allen phasing through the wall, and the clueless guy jumping down, facing the wrong direction - I think this was overall my most wtf moment in pubg.
  12. I've also made a thread right after the latest update. Everyone seems to agree, and nobody "higher up" seems to care.
  13. fSucee

    Need hit markers

    Seriously, I understand when people have problems with certain functions, but these ones... Just let pubg be pubg.
  14. fSucee

    Do you need help?

    Okay, everything makes sense now, lol.
  15. fSucee

    Do you need help?

    Seriously now, does anyone know - is this dude for real?