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  1. The mobile version of PUBG is being handled by Tencent and they will also be able to assist for any questions that you may have. https://support.pubg.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002193033-PUBG-Mobile-questions-notices-and-more
  2. @PUBG_Sheepy Here's another one, with video. Prior to the start of the recording I'd tried to drop the 9mm a few times, which lead to this. After picking up "ghost" loot again, they return to normal, this does not duplicate the item. Replay(too big to upload directly, sry): http://www.mediafire.com/file/v1pebujcz5laook/match.bro.official.pc-2018-03.steam.duo-fpp.eu.2019.
  3. Well, considering the high amount of reports on this one (here aswell: ) I'd assume it's a fairly high priority, considering it's impact on early gameplay.
  4. This is not a bug, in PUBG, the bullet leaves the barrel of the gun, NOT the scope. Guns are per default zeroed to 100m, meaning that the bullet will be in the center of your crosshair at 100m, before that, it needs to travel a bit "upwards". Theoretically, if you were to zero your gun to 0m, the bullet would be at the center of your crosshair at 0m. tl;dr bullet flys in an arc, needs to go up to your crosshair first, can't do so a the range you are showing -> not a bug
  5. Hi. When using bandages, while riding on the back of a buggy, Camera movement is restricted to the right side. The camera can't be rotated further than straight ahead, or straight back, the right side between that functions normally. When looking to the left, upon starting the use of a bandage, the camera will snap to the aforementioned available space. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M92thDvWpBE&feature=youtu.be
  6. @PUBG_Sheepy Another replay on the issue from today (25.05.) Picked up an m4, it was in singhle fire. As gased mentioned, this happened on a particularly laggy round start, with a high amount of people around me. match.bro.official.pc-2018-03.steam.duo-fpp.eu.2019.
  7. This should be the correct one. (If I died from a sawed off in hacienda, while carrying an UMP, it is.) match.bro.official.pc-2018-03.steam.duo-fpp.eu.2019.
  8. This has happened to me aswell (on patch 28), would a replay file help?
  9. Hi. There are several issues with the german localization, such as -vault only AND jump only being translated to the same thing ("Nur klettern", while jump only should be "Nur springen") -the quickdraw mag for mp/ pistols is labeled the same as the extended quickdraw mag. Issues with the german localization have existed for quite a while and I'll gladly offer my help in fixing it/ looking it over, seeing as I am fluent in both languages.
  10. Hi. The other day I tried to drop a few bandages, in order to free up space. Somehow the bandages ended up dropped on the ground AND in my inventory. I was not able to use the ones in my inventory or drop them. My inventory space still accounted for the bandages -> I wasn't able to pick up anything new. Unfortunately we were engaged in a fight just as i was about to start a recording, but I have attatched the replay file (it happened at around 11:10). This might be related to: https://forums.pubg.com/topic/334823-scope-not-appearing-on-weapon/?tab=comments#comment-1244893 match.bro.official.pc-2018-03.steam.duo-fpp.eu.2019.
  11. Had this happen before the update, but as of patch 28 it appears to be fixed to me and people I play with.
  12. Hi. When putting a 2x scope on an M4 earlier, the scope did not appear on the gun for a while(it did appear, right as I was starting a recording, without me doing anything in particular to try and make it appear.)
  13. Date Seen: 07-05-2019 Area of Map: Erangel - Southwest Mylta Description: Boxes in front of the window do not load at range, letting enemies shoot through cover. Video:
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