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  1. Kermit_the_Hog

    RIP Miramar

    We can still play Duo's and Squads. We're talking about SOLOs. You literally cannot play SOLO FPP on Miramar anymore. Which is a shame because it was my favorite. Now I'll just play squads on Miramar and abandon my squad (since it's one less squad I'll have to fight if I went 1-man Squad ) Granted, Vikendi is quickly moving up there. The slightly faster paced action is definitely having an affect on me. I did find myself bored for a bit on Miramar whereas before I had no issues.
  2. Kermit_the_Hog

    suggestion: no random circles

    Agreed. Terrible idea no matter how you swing it.
  3. Kermit_the_Hog

    RIP Miramar

    Yeah it's sad. NA primetime, NO ONE is playing or only a few queued for Miramar in FPP Solo. So basically I can never play FPP Solo Miramar again. Very disappointing. Will have to play Duos now. I mean I get it. Vikendi is new and fun and I spend most of my time there, but I do miss being able to just jump back to the desert for a quick game.
  4. Kermit_the_Hog

    How you know Vikendi hates you...

    Not as bad as those manikins on Sanhok. One in the room of those huts and the row of them on the 2nd floor of those buildings. Freaked me out every time. Especially when one time a guy in an orange jumpsuit was hiding there and I didn't notice him. He came at me with a crowbar. Scared the piss out of me (but I still gutted him with my uzi if I remember)
  5. Kermit_the_Hog

    How you know Vikendi hates you...

    Vehicles are more of an issue on this map I think. I've seen very few and just running parallel to the roads does not seem to work for me here. Boats are also kinda worthless because of the river freezing in the middle of the map. On miramar it was always pretty easy. Just run along a road and you'll find one. Here? Man. I ran halfway up the map on the west side main road (FAR away from plane drop) and found jack and sh*t. Happened a couple of times. Still would take a bike over the snowmobile. Just for the epic speed. My strategy here is always to get a vehicle and get to the center of the circle ASAP. Go from there. But always stay near the center until the end circles.
  6. Kermit_the_Hog

    Four Hour Maintenance Poll

    I used to be ok with maintenance because I'd just go play on the test server. But recently the test server has also been down. Same time. Pathetic. Really bluehole? I mean just coordinate it so people can still play. It isn't that hard man.
  7. Kermit_the_Hog

    Other Vikendi loot

    Wish there were more AR and less uzis and tommy guns like everyone, but its ok. As for the houses, I'm fine with that. It's a smaller map. Sanhok has what I believe are more houses just as close. What do you want, long rolling fields and open spaces? Go play Miramar or Erangel then. Especially Erangel, tons of open space there.
  8. Exactly. Ever go out onto a snowy field in the middle of a sunny day? It's freggin blinding. That's how people get sunburned while skiing.
  9. Kermit_the_Hog

    Rip Miramar

    I love Miramar too, Solo FPP, but you gotta realize that people are gonna play Vikendi almost exclusively for a while. I know I will play at least until I get a Chicken Dinner. So Miramar may run quiet for a while. It's funny, with Sanhok I never really got into it, but this one is taking ALL my attention
  10. Kermit_the_Hog

    Who misses the clothing world spawns?

    I miss nothing about the clothing spawns. They just took up more resources for my computer/the server. If you want to talk about elements, how about not being able to swim for long in the ice cold water. Seriously you guys ever been in water <50 degrees - its overwhelming. You start hyperventilating almost immediately. Terrifying. "In humans, cold shock response is perhaps the most common cause of death from immersion in very cold water,[1] such as by falling through thin ice. The immediate shock of the cold causes involuntary inhalation, which if underwater can result in drowning. The cold water can also cause heart attack due to vasoconstriction;[2] the heart has to work harder to pump the same volume of blood throughout the body. For people with existing cardiovascular disease, the additional workload can result in cardiac arrest."
  11. Kermit_the_Hog

    Xbox user question about snow map

    I can't imagine being able to see anything at night. Would be chaos.
  12. Kermit_the_Hog

    Level 2 vests

    Yeah I saw this too. Based on that and my own experiences that LVL 2 vests are showing up like they always have... I declare shenanigans. SHENANIGANS!!!
  13. Kermit_the_Hog

    Do we like the new Parachuting system?

    If you can't reach as far I think its a negative change. Gliding far distances meant you had a chance if you didn't want to drop hot. Now there will be more fighting in the first 2 minutes. I hate that. I at least want to be armed before fighting with some jabroni.
  14. Kermit_the_Hog

    Level 2 vests

    100% agree. I've had runs where I couldn't find a DMR/SR for almost a week. Just NO luck at all. Then it reverses and you're sitting with a M24/Mini combo and no SMGs. haha. Relax and play man. I have had NO problem with LVL 2 vests anytime, ever.
  15. Kermit_the_Hog

    People without a microphone playing in squad

    +1 to this. I don't feel like talking sometimes. Especially if its someone in broken english or some super annoying kid. I also typically do better & have more kills when I'm alone or only with 1 other guy.