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  1. Slight accuracy control thats it huh? And I thought winning was all about running barefoot and how high I can jump. More and more players saying that they have used moukey in the past but are back to controller while others are still in denial.
  2. YES. Do you need a timeout? stop acting like a little girl with a skinned knee. Then play on PC you lieing troll. Exactly.
  3. 1% = The 1 guy on the plane that doesn't use a controller like 99 other guys who play as intended? Where did you get that percentage rate anyway? And you won't see me because I'll be putting a bullet in your ass when your running away. hehehaha.
  4. They curbed it for a bit with a patch. moukey users complained and they put hotfix out so moukey users can play again. The rats will start too post that it doesnt exists or is very rare.
  5. So ur not #8 no more because you went back to controller because bluhole made some changes? Your aim is filthy, good I assume on pubg, with moukey? So you suck with controller? So you looked up his stats and say he not great? why? He's complain about moukey users dominating game. So you say moukey is way better then controller? But not if there good. Good meaning? u said you suck with controller but your a good player. Sir, you make a flipping flopping argument.
  6. Put the analog character movement patch back in. The best move from blue hole and then they reneged prob because of mouseK users.
  7. You just gave two shits. A paragraph at a time.
  8. They working on ways to to detect and eliminate mouky movement. the analog movement patch was good start but many mouky users cried their threads off. Ones who say not many use mouky do not know. How would they? They are the ones. Not many people txt and drive. Only 1%. So it is no issue. The only people complain are the ones who get maimed by them.
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