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  1. Mills9

    Individual Map Selection

    I really don’t like the sound of it either but if you think about it for match times it’s the only thing that makes sense.. Miramar and Erangel would be long wait times, especially Miramar everyone would either be on vikendi or sahnok
  2. Mills9

    Competitive players

    True definitely something you’d have to watch out for.. competitions will keep this game alive longer though and keep things from getting stale. I’m just never resorting to playing pc just because the competive player base is bigger, I just wish it would be like that in the console community. Maybe with the next gen console it will be
  3. Mills9

    Competitive players

    lol nah man.. I just want there to be a bigger competitive scene on Xbox PUBG that’s all. Wonder how many people on these forums know of Feral
  4. Mills9

    Competitive players

    I’m a member of it on discord.. I just wasn’t aware I was complaining on my post
  5. Where are the competitive players at? After hundreds of chicken dinners you’d think more people would want to play for some money/bragging rights and a chicken dinner, especially with all the trash talking elitists on these forums.. love the game and it rarely gets stale but competitive games that have a meaning to them rather than just the chicken would spice things up... need more players wanting to play in tournaments and need more tournaments! (FPP)
  6. Mills9

    What Is Your Favorite Aspect Of PUBG?

    lmao I know, that’s why I basically gave up my complaining about the game anymore cause I know how bad it could be.. it was all worth it to me just to save the headaches of all the bullshit I used to deal with lol
  7. Mills9

    What Is Your Favorite Aspect Of PUBG?

    I forgot I bought my Astro’s too along with all that and I ended up hard wiring my internet also. But exactly man exactly 😂I’m not saying any of it is a necessity but you just feel better when your playing good and everything’s feeling good.
  8. Mills9

    What Is Your Favorite Aspect Of PUBG?

    Damn you guys all basically said what I was gonna say... all I’m saying is I’ve never gotten into a game like I did with PUBG and probably never would have if pub never came out. But what really did it for me was the gunplay but what kept me around is like the OP says just the wittiness and how good you feel outwitting another player and obviously the feeling of a chicken kept me around. Whether you guys want to call me a dumbass for it or not but I bought a 4K monitor, an elite controller, an SSD, and a one x all just so I could play pubg at its finest (on console) if that’s not showing my love and dedication towards the game then idk what is
  9. Mills9

    parachuting technique?

    I do a wave dive, I’ll jump out and instantly go straight towards the ground and then level myself out to get some distance and then end with going 234 again, always end going 234... 8 outta 10 times I’ll be the first one to land
  10. Mills9

    Iron Rain Tourney Duo Returns

    Up to you man.. I’m sure it’ll be fine regardless. But I think that would be the best bet to drop the TPP game. More people are gonna join within the next couple days, I’ll try spreading the word a little more too.
  11. Mills9

    Iron Rain Tourney Duo Returns

    Yeah I’m fine either way but I wouldn’t mind the TPP game getting dropped and there just being 4 FPP ones.. but doesn’t matter either way. Whatever the majority prefers I’m cool with
  12. Mills9

    Iron Rain Tourney Duo Returns

    Is it still going to include that TPP round now since there’s no vikendi?
  13. Mills9


    Agreed, it would haven taken a skilled player to get out of that situation there once you hit him with the first shot. But that goes back to what I first said is that only if your standing still by no cover is it deadly.. always have to be aware of your surroundings, if a guy with an ump is nearby and you hear the shots make sure he’s not scoped in on you next lol.. so that’s where he went wrong by not being aware.
  14. Mills9


    You hit him 3 or 4 times before he even reacts and moves and then hit him about another 3 or 4 times while he’s running towards the rock.. 8 shots is enough time to pull out his AR and shoot or even had he reacted on the first shot and maneuvered some way he could have made it back to the rock in time. But still it was all downhill for him once he let a guy (you) with an ump scope in on him while he’s standing still. But I wouldn’t mind it only being allowed at most a 2x to keep people from abusing the lightweight bug from distances
  15. Mills9


    Exactly... standing still it’s dangerous but now if he woulda jumped or crouched and maneuvered away instantly to the rock he coulda got to cover before dying or if he instantly reacted and scoped on you with an AR and hit his shots he could have won but things didn’t end well for him instead lol