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  1. lol yeah I'm still on here occasionally and still playing as much as I can but I have to work more in spring and summer than fall and winter so I been working more recently haven't had as much free time as I'd like, But im still around
  2. I think they cap it at non peak hours so your not waiting forever, instead of waiting for 100 to start the match they’ll just start it with 35-40 minimum and later on in the peak hours of the night around 9PM-12AM eastern time it seems they wait to start the match till there’s about 80-100 people in there
  3. Been getting 40 people games on duos since about 2 pm today and all day yesterday, seems FPP matchmaking is worse since the update.. they just need to make a quick join only option and no map selection so it’s easier to find FPP games.. hate waiting long for games just to get miramar 5x in a row with only 40 people in them, makes for a slow boring game. I enjoy miramar just not when I consecutively get it and the lobby isn’t full
  4. (Picked it up and nothing was shown in inventory) 310C8418-A166-4DE9-A9CF-6A4A3FFF676A.mov
  5. you guys seemed to like the first highlight video I made, it won most liked post of the day on here... so hope you enjoy this one too
  6. I just know from personal experience, and yes yet 90% of TPP reddit clips I see u got TPP players aiming from the hip from whatever distance.. I played TPP when FPP wasnt an option, once FPP became an option and I challenged myself to get good at it cause I was already good at TPP, I never looked back since. I'll play TPP when I need to beat stupid challenges or if I cant find a game in the late night although I still play in first person and find it easier even though im at a disadvantage cause I cant corner peek I still beat the players in gun fights because welllll... TPP is easier
  7. lol no I was saying without camping as in your a TPP player so I'm assuming you camp often... Land bootcamp and get into actual gun fights in FPP is what I was insisting and see how the FPP players compare to TPP players when it comes to gunfights and movement. U might enjoy the challenge
  8. U should be a comedian brother.... never have I ever seen a squad of 4 crawling around prone and crouch running in a top 10 circle in FPP 🤷🏻‍♂️ Come play FPP and land boot camp and let me know how long u last without camping in a building the whole time
  9. the other two that arent tritanopia I cant think of the names are pretty nice alternative.. I didnt like the orange so I tried the others one is turquoise blood and the other is a bright red/pinkish blood I cant decide which one I like better
  10. I'm all for it .. make it free to play and get the player base up and rising again, idc that I paid 30$ for it. I got well more than enough time played and I woulda still gladly paid 30$ for it if over a year ago when it came out you woulda told me pay 30$ for it now or wait over a year and get it for free lol, also would be a rise in new players which I know all of us would enjoy some free kills lol. crossplay and free to play would be huge for FPP
  11. Let’s not forget about the rare ones the ones who compliment and aren’t sore losers everytime they die....
  12. Great vid brother, some good clips. really like the song too I never heard it before.
  13. I’ve been top 10 in duo and solo FPP (stats aren’t the greatest right now cause I been messing around a lot but there still decent) but anyways my #1 tip would be to have confidence.. I couldn’t tell you how much better I became when I started thinking I was better than all 99 other players in the match with me. Everytime you see someone treat them like they’re good but know that your better.. you don’t want to have too much confidence and just run up shooting lol but play smart and while playing smart have confidence and like you said training grounds can really help with recoil but nothing is going to help better with shooting than practice in an actual game. I play with every scope on 10 sensitivity which is perfect for me, but my OTS sensitivity is on 20 along with my general sensitivity on 20.. as for when to ADS I probably ADS 99.9 percent of the time unless I’m really totallly caught off guard in very very very close quarters that’s when I’ll OTS and that’s why I think it’s key to have the OTS sensivity super high for them quick n tight situations. And i rarely hold breath too because the longer your standing there holding breath scoped in the more chance someone has to shoot u before u shoot them I like the quick peek and fire. A good tip I do in FPP that would work prob better in TPP is if your behind cover and you know where the guy is try to line your crosshair reticle up with him and then once you peek and ads you should be either right over your target or really close to him and you just snap and shoot, no holding breath
  14. 😂😂 well then I’d guarantee your gonna enjoy these A40’s ... super light and comfy on the head. Let me kno when you get them, and I’ll let u know if I found a different/ better preset once I start messing around with that tomorrow
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