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  1. Mills9


    I just know from personal experience, and yes yet 90% of TPP reddit clips I see u got TPP players aiming from the hip from whatever distance.. I played TPP when FPP wasnt an option, once FPP became an option and I challenged myself to get good at it cause I was already good at TPP, I never looked back since. I'll play TPP when I need to beat stupid challenges or if I cant find a game in the late night although I still play in first person and find it easier even though im at a disadvantage cause I cant corner peek I still beat the players in gun fights because welllll... TPP is easier
  2. Mills9


    lol no I was saying without camping as in your a TPP player so I'm assuming you camp often... Land bootcamp and get into actual gun fights in FPP is what I was insisting and see how the FPP players compare to TPP players when it comes to gunfights and movement. U might enjoy the challenge
  3. Mills9


    U should be a comedian brother.... never have I ever seen a squad of 4 crawling around prone and crouch running in a top 10 circle in FPP 🤷🏻‍♂️ Come play FPP and land boot camp and let me know how long u last without camping in a building the whole time
  4. Mills9

    Switching to FPP

    thats an issue with it cause everyone sees the wait times and then doesnt feel like waiting and resorts to tpp but if we all just wait together slowly but surely the fpp community could grow again and it would be as quick to find a full FPP match as it is to find TPP. But to answer the question im EST and the best time for FPP is anywhere from about 4 pm to midnight, after midnight its gonna start getting pretty slow and hard to find games/full games especially solos but im always good throughout the day, and weekends always seem to be just fine too, its just weekdays when most people are sleeping or at work is when things are slow but I love to see posts like this, even if you end up not liking FPP as much I really suggest playing it for a full week and seeing how you feel about it, would love for more people to start really giving FPP a legit try
  5. I only play FPP and rarely use hip fire but my General and over the shoulder sensitivty are both on 20 always prefer to ADS unless super tight unexpected situations and I feel with those being on 20 it helps for those unexpected times and makes it easier to react quicker ... go to training mode to test it out that’s what I always do first when I mess with sensitivies
  6. Mills9

    New client for xbox one X

    I played the game on the x in the early days and still love it on my x now as much as I did back then and I think the games at its best state right now way better than back then. Yes rendering may have had its ups n downs throughout things I remember getting mad occasionally seeing the x go downhill after some updates but I have an SSD now so my x renders better now than it did when I first bought the x over a year ago and performance wise compared to a year ago its way smoother..
  7. Mills9

    The Cave

    ehh personally I like how its on vikendi only, gives the map something new & interesting to it. if you add it to the other maps then it just starts becoming too normal. Just my opinion
  8. But thats the thing its not one of those casual pick it up and start playing and your instantly good at it games, it takes time to get an actual feel for the game thats why its done so well, its original and being original is why its still here. The actual issue would be a couple things first thing being most console players are more casual players and with casual BR shooters out there on console now people would rather play them, another thing would just simply be the optimization, people without SSD's dont feel like dealing with rendering issues, people with OG or S dont feel like dealing with the graphics maybe, people dont like dealing with the 30 fps when other games are at 60 fps...and probably more but the game not having aim assist is not it, I truly think adding aim assist would hurt the playerbase more than help it and the moment it adds aim assist is when it stops being original and I'd feel like "PUBG" I know and love would be dead from that point on
  9. I dont think aim assist is the issue at all with the playerbase.. keep in mind the actual die hard players you'd lose (me included) if they added aim assist. If the game is dying and coming to its final players id rather that happen then ever see them add aim assist and ruin the game before it died
  10. the other two that arent tritanopia I cant think of the names are pretty nice alternative.. I didnt like the orange so I tried the others one is turquoise blood and the other is a bright red/pinkish blood I cant decide which one I like better
  11. Having no aim assist is actually one of the things that keeps this game alive and makes it stand out from the others... if they added aim assist I’d quit playing
  12. Realistically with a full moon and a bunch of snow in real life it would be easy to see without a flashlight and then adding the aurora borealis on top of that, it’s pretty realistic if you want it darker just turn your brightness on 0
  13. Mills9

    Do you truly care about this game?

    I care about the game, I hope it never dies out I support it through everything, I buy skins that appeal to me but no im not blind to its issues but im also not blind to the greatness of it and the joy its brought me and the blood sweat and tears and adrenaline rushes its caused me. I think that PUBG has enough die hard fans like me and alot of you out there that will keep this game living on for as long as possible
  14. Mills9

    80 Person Games

    these games actually usually have more intense final circles because more people survive till end game and everyones looted up good.. I enjoy my occasional 40 player FPP solos lol
  15. I'm all for it .. make it free to play and get the player base up and rising again, idc that I paid 30$ for it. I got well more than enough time played and I woulda still gladly paid 30$ for it if over a year ago when it came out you woulda told me pay 30$ for it now or wait over a year and get it for free lol, also would be a rise in new players which I know all of us would enjoy some free kills lol. crossplay and free to play would be huge for FPP