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  1. Bug Description: I have enable auto reload in the settings and come to pick weapons up from the ground and it does not reload automatically. Location: All maps Evidence: N/A Replication: Picking up any weapon Xbox One Version: XBOX ONE X wireless Game Mode: TPP ALL MODES
  2. cptpricecutz

    Could not connect

  3. cptpricecutz

    Could not connect

    Are the servers down?
  4. cptpricecutz

    Hows vikendi

    Well it's still under maintenance
  5. cptpricecutz

    Oled burnin

    Yh man we did that. It goes a little bit still visible then comes back
  6. cptpricecutz

    Oled burnin

    All oled suffer from burning. My mates LG 4k oled has it. This is die to static images staying in screen for a long period of time. For example mini map
  7. I use a nighthawk and is on wireless getting 180 to 210 download speed.
  8. Have to agree this is a MUST as the game is performing terribly