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  1. DxDiag.txt now youtube video.i do not have more replays because clean reinstal game "milion" times 1:26 jump in building. nothing just empty room.1:47 back in the same room...boom magick I noticed today that the wood looks like 2d graphics.and game crashing a lot
  2. 34-45 this happening after this update.never have this problem before
  3. no matter where i land this happening all the time
  4. problem with weapons spawning.guns not loading in when I land.must wait 3-5 sek what is deadly in this http://game.im sick of this. me PC: intel i5 8600k gtx 1080 oc 16gb ram 3200mhz SSD M.2 970 evo Corsair Power Supply TX650M, 650W, 80 Plus® Gold
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