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  1. Nerd-Rage


    You sure it wasn't just good players? Do you have video of this?
  2. Nerd-Rage

    What happened to the game?

    Even the pc emulator for mobile is better,and with less bugs.
  3. Nerd-Rage


    No cross platform play is possible.
  4. Nerd-Rage

    The aqua map

    FFS no.
  5. I can't take this seriously.It looks like it was typed by an 8 year old kid.
  6. Nerd-Rage

    Manhattan Map?

    Good idea.
  7. The game's nowhere near done.A new map is even coming out soon.
  8. Jebus fucking christ.Do you feel better now? ? PS: Nice book.
  9. Nerd-Rage

    Rank Update

    The current system needs an enema.
  10. Working as intended. E-sports ready.
  11. Some things just can't be explained to sore losers.
  12. Nerd-Rage

    "Quick Join"

    If you're going to wait on a map,this could happen to you: