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  1. Harold should be the end boss.
  2. I reported this in the Xbox bug section. Try reporting in the PS4 bug section & we’ll see what comes of it. Fingers crossed & thanks for reaching out to the Xbox PUBG community. Hopefully cross play is added one day & we can run a few.
  3. Apparently the Joker skin is now missing the black rings the previously came with the gcoin costume. PS4 also missing this cosmetic piece.
  4. AKM, M16 I’ve also noticed this with subs on occasion as well. UMP
  5. The game has also been out for a long time so there are a lot of experienced players out there. Add to that a smaller player base and you are coming across less casual players & more hardcore PUBG players.
  6. Wouldn’t it make more sense to roll the Win94 with one one the shotguns as both take ammo loops?
  7. Random is they way to go in my opinion. The unpredictable nature of some many elements gives each match a unique feel. You constantly have to adapt to the situation. Higher replay value.
  8. Xbox one x ssd wired duos 401.6.1.44-22926E-na FIX THE CRASH!!! WHY IS IT BACK??!!
  9. It’s an interesting suggestion op but I don’t think it has a place in the unforgiving wilderness of PUBG. High stakes make this game.
  10. My squad has also been wanting this. It’d be fun to mess around in private matches with just 4.
  11. I’ve been experiencing issues with the full auto default firing mode for ARs. I have my setting at full auto, but several times now i’ve picked up ARs and died because the fire mode on pickup is Single. This is very frustrating in the first few seconds on the game when I pickup a gun and then fire one round at my opponent who then turns and kills me.
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