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  1. Jack_Burton

    In Game Lobby Idea

    I like it.
  2. Jack_Burton

    The epidemic of cheating on xbox

    Demand aim assist? Hell no my dude. No aim assist is part of why I love PUBG. Devs PLEASE never ever under any circumstance add aim assist to this game.
  3. Jack_Burton

    Crossbow thread

    Try using it for your opening shot only, then switch to your primary for followup. Even a chest shot hits hard and you can quickly dispatch with your primary.
  4. Jack_Burton

    Cheating Bans

    Agreed. I have played more matches than I care to count & have never really suspected being killed by a cheater. However, I was killed once in solo by 8 guys teaming near the military base. All 8 came rushing out of a bunker on the airfield. I crapped my pants & honestly didn't care because I laughed my ass off.
  5. Jack_Burton

    starting to finally

    I'm a PUBG addict but I still need breaks from time to time. I'll try another game or bang out a tv series or whatever. Breaks usually don't last long, maybe a few days. I managed to stay away couple weeks once. End of the day I always come back to PUBG.
  6. Jack_Burton

    Training mode 1v1 practice

    I like the idea OP. Maybe this could be added whenever the Training area gets a major overhaul.
  7. Jack_Burton

    Killing Knocked Players

    I'll sometimes thirst the first knock to mess with the other team. People pissed off over a thirsted squad member may start to push overly aggressive. You can use this to your advantage and light up those that push recklessly. I've seen pissed off squads give up superior positions because they are so determined to get you back over the thirst. Lobby for them, laughs for me. 😅
  8. Jack_Burton

    What Is Your Favorite Aspect Of PUBG?

    Final circle for me. It's like crack without all the negatives lol Also the randomness & endless replay. Every match is different.
  9. This. What castle doesn't have a dungeon???
  10. Jack_Burton


    Ha! I'm all for whatever the heck this thing is. It would give the TukTuk a run for it's money for most awesomest vehicle in the game.
  11. Jack_Burton


    No thanks. 🤢
  12. Jack_Burton

    adding miramar and erangel to mini-royal

    I’d be okay with this in mini-royal as long as the traditional maps, pacing, & loot were still available as well. Good suggestion.
  13. The guy was so close it’d be hard to not hit every shot imo. Nice work though, but not 300 IQ.
  14. Jack_Burton


    I feel similar. For me though I'd switch Sanhok & Erangel. Miramar > Vikendi > Erangel > Sanhok
  15. Jack_Burton

    Dont be surprised if...

    I'm okay with updates getting pushed back. That means more development time to put out a finished product hopefully. I'd sooner have to wait for a complete product than a rushed bug filled mess. Take your time, get it right.