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  1. petrus91

    PTS Feedback

    Hello PUBG team! I've played some Solo games today and I think the update is great besides a couple of things! First, I've been having trouble the whole day trying to figure out the circle in Vikendi...white on white, and especially on HDR displays, is very very difficult to localize. Second, menu smoothness seems improved BUT I'm still having overlapping glitches whenever I choose another region (EU and NA in the bottom right screen). Last but not least, I've had major rendering issues after parachuting in some villages. Hope to help with this feedback. Cheers!
  2. petrus91

    A pleasant win

    Ouch! I didn’t know! Thanks anyway 🙂
  3. petrus91

    A pleasant win

    Wow! Is it possible to buy it or is it some kind of bundle exclusive stuff? @PUBG_Andymh5
  4. Played both, that is no true at all. Framerate tanks in some areas as well on Pro. Textures are far worse on Pro. It’s actually expected since they both have the same old CPU. Hopefully next patch introduces performance mode for all systems.
  5. Thank you very much @PUBG_Andymh5, I found it! 🙂 See you in game and have a good day sir!
  6. Hello, I recently purchased a Xbox PUBG LE controller and redeemed my code for exclusive content. Can't find anywhere the exclusive stuff thou. I already checked in the game folder and no add-on has been downloaded nor they did appear in my customization menus. Someone knows where I can find the stuff?