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  1. I think this was addressed a few months ago. Many people had this problem. But if memory serves, it had something to do with the type or age of the tv. I had the same problem playing on a tv that wasn’t all that old but was a bit older (by electronic standards). When I plugged it into a newer tv, problem went away. @PUBG_Andymh5 helped me with this back then. Maybe he can answer this better for you?
  2. God I can’t wait for the remaster! It looked amazing on PC!
  3. Gotta get an amp. Some Turtle Beach sets come with what they call “Superhuman” hearing. I use the SteelSeries Pro headset with the SH amp from my old TB PX24 set. But any headset will work fine with an in-line amp. I think you can buy separate amps to go with your Arctic 5’s on eBay or Amazon. I can’t play without one for your same reasons. Game sounds are way too quiet.
  4. I used to check the stats too when I would get killed. But it kinda caused unnecessary stress because 75%+ of the time that I’d die, it was to 3rd party or bush wookies or snakes or even nades. I really don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I win direct gun fights quite a bit more than I lose. So the majority of the time I die, I almost never see my enemy before I’m dead (thanks TPP lol). Anyway, I quit looking up stats because it was stressing me out. Especially when I watch my 12 year old play and he can occasionally get 3 to 4 kills in a match and he’s all that I mentioned above lol. He can’t win a direct gun fight but he’s great at camping corners lol. I try to teach him how to be more confident and make good tactical decisions. But in the end I realize he’s only 12. And I’m just impressed that he can have a few kills in a match. I have seen him destroy people with shot guns a few times. I will say he’s pretty damn good with shotguns. Better than me, that’s for sure 😅.
  5. My point of view https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/newb-harvest/video/76288494 I potatoed lol but we exchanged the last rounds and my shot didn’t register on you because I had died first lol. I thought that second shot would have taken you out because the mini is usually a 2 shot when there’s a headshot involved. But alas, the gut shot on you wasn’t enough to finish you off 🤷🏻‍♂️. I got called out for work so I had to dip and couldn’t finish playing the next rounds to attempt my revenge 😭. Maybe next time 😈. GG’s
  6. We’re in a war mode to warm up. Come join
  7. I’m still jittery from my preworkout supplements that I took 4 HOURS AGO!! 😅 I need a cool down instead of a warm up lol
  8. Maybe for after the first 3 Normal modes. Then those who wanna stick around we can play all sorts of other modes and such?
  9. I might. We’ll see. I haven’t been playing very well lately so I’ve been trying to take a bit of a break so that I don’t get myself into permanent bad habits.
  10. Sorry to hear it. Guess we won’t worry about it this week then. Sorry my guy
  11. Not sure we’ll fill. If we don’t get anyone else in I guess we won’t worry about it. Just figured if TR4CKERZ wasn’t here someone should open a customer in case anyone else wanted to play.
  12. Opened a custom game. If it doesn’t fill, no worries. Newb Harvest no password
  13. Ugh! Stuck in traffic. I might be a bit late.
  14. If I’m on, I’m down to join in.
  15. “Wiggling” has saved my life more times than I can count. I’ve also died more than I care to admit from holding still lol. Seems like the only time I ever die is when I stop to med/boost 😅. I swear I have eyes on me at all times from the moment I land, watching, waiting for me to stop wiggling so that they can take their shot lol. I sometimes wish I was in EU just so I could have a run-in with GaGa. Whether he owns me or I get lucky, it’s still fun to think about testing my mettle against “the best” console player.
  16. I like the Beryl. I do well with it. Many times have I made top 10 with one (have yet to claim a dinner with one tho). I will take it over the AKM for the simple reason that I can find a grip for it easier than I can find an AR compensator for the AKM. The AK (to me) is only manageable with a comp. But I will still take a Scar or M4 over either any day. And in some cases, I’d take a Vector over them.
  17. Same is happening to me. I’ve lost out on about 7k ish xp between 3 missions. I filed a complaint in “Help & Troubleshooting.” Might be worth posting it in there too. @PUBG_Andymh5 @Takarii is there a better way to file this?
  18. And now I just completed: Weekly - kill 20 enemies within 50 meters of you. After clicking it it and nothing happening, I went back to the main menu and back into the missions and it says “ACQUIRED” but I didn’t get the xp for it.
  19. I use the same TB px24 amp with my SteelSeries Pro’s. Like @Prinzar said, it’ll amplify EVERYTHING! I hear footsteps very clear. But at the cost of the wind in Vikendi giving me a headache lol. Red zones and sudden shots fired at me startle me because they’re so loud. I don’t have the problem of sounds covering other sounds tho. Other than the loud ass crate planes that is. I can still hear stuff through the red zone but it’s difficult. But I’d like to think I can hear a cricket fart at 100m if it’s quiet outside lol.
  20. Having the same issue. in-game name: Newb Harvest mission name(s): Daily - Deal 30 damage to enemies - completed 6/18/2019 Premium - Play 45 matches - completed 6/17/2019 Error that occurred: wouldn’t collect xp when clicking on them. Exited and re-entered the game and it then said “ACQUIRED” but the mission xp did not reflect in my overall xp.
  21. 2 questions: 1) what if a participant doesn’t have Twitter for winner(s) announcement? 2) can I use video footage that was created (by me of course) before the event? I have a video of me being “sneaky” that’s a few weeks old.
  22. I bought a Samsung Qled tv that has 120hz when gaming in “game mode” and only has 60hz when in high-def mode. The game looks 1000% amazing in high-def but the input lag at 60hz.... hurts 🤣 lol. It’s unplayable unless I put it in game mode. Anything you can do to reduce that input lag will help and is worth it to me.
  23. Lol you’re a faster typer than I 😅
  24. It’s bots. Mindless bots. That’s all. I play duos and squads on mobile with my children (ages 9 and 12). They can get 10-20 kills per game without even trying. We get 5 times more dinners than we don’t (we do run into actual people from time to time). Last time I played with them we had a 45 kill dinner between the 3 of us and never once ran into an actual person. Every bot in the game acts the same: runs up on you, stops wherever they are (in the open usually), fires very inaccurate shots that might hit you once for like 5 damage. If you don’t kill them right away, they will run a meter or two away and prone. The only reason I play mobile is because I’m a single father who only gets custody on the weekends so when my kids are with their mother during the week, we can play mobile together as they each have an iPad and I play on my phone. Their mom doesn’t care for video games so they don’t have a ps4 or one x.
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