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  1. You’ve been gone too long. Apparently you’ve forgotten all the patch notes and dev updates. Seems like I remember them saying that regions would be locked so long as player bases were high enough (peak times) to maintain. But that if the player bases were low they’d merge some servers to help keep lobbies full. The player base is still fairly healthy but it’s not what it used to be so during off peak hours you’ll notice more out of region players.
  2. It’s too late and I’m too tired to look if anyone here answered properly lol. But I remember Choco saying that he had just gotten used to the K9 because it was the only bolt rifle in the beginning that wasn’t a crate weapon. The M24 used to be a crate weapon. So he just likes the K9 because it’s ol’ trusty to him. But he does well with ANY weapon in his hands lol. I personally like the M24. And to me, there is still no better sound in this game than a suppressed M24.
  3. This happens every time a new update is coming out. A bunch of players who haven’t played for a while are coming in to check things out or just an short influx of new players coming to check things out after hearing their friends talk about new updates. I feel the overall skill level normally though has increased significantly. But at the same time, some have gotten “better” at snakin around or corner camping. It’s frustrating sometimes. But I’ve noticed over time in videos that a lot of dudes here in forums are posting, the kill counts have increased tremendously.
  4. 6 months wasn’t long enough 🤦🏻‍♂️. The game is running significantly better than it was 6 months ago. I left the Xbox version when the PS4 version came out because it ran so much smoother for me on PS4. But the player base was never what I wished it could be. So I meandered on back to Xbox to see how it was coming along. I found it’s gotten a lot better. So much so that I’ve quit playing it on my PS for the most part. Beside the occasional frame drop when I’m rolling up in a vehicle, I really have few complaints. I really don’t experience the same amount of desync others seem to. I do notice quite the ping difference regularly because NA servers get quite a few SA players. But it’s so few and far between it doesn’t ruin my experience. So if you can honestly sit here and say that this game hasn’t improved for you in 6 months, perhaps this just isn’t the game for you and you should retire it from your collection permanently and avoid the forums full of nay sayers. We certainly haven’t missed your negativity while you were gone.
  5. Yep. Was playing solos most the day with no less than 96 per lobby and games were found within seconds. Quit to go play live servers for a bit and when I came back to PTS is was squads and 1 mans only. So I played one match of 1 man, got second place and died an honorable, glorious warriors death in a pan fight for the win. After that I felt satisfied enough to call it a day for PUBG.
  6. Trust you me... when I leave the forums, his name never even crosses my mind much less comes out of my mouth.... except for right now because... I am statistically perfect according to him right now 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣 not a bad way to start the season if I do say 😎. Suck it @Harold Brock lol 😜
  7. Save some chicken for the rest of us, yeah? 😜
  8. It’s part of layering. What would you suggest they replace the ocean with?
  9. Damn dude. Why you gotta go and make me actually agree with you on something? Lol
  10. No... just makes you very “saddle sore.” 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. I’m gonna have to check mine when I get home. The sounds seemed more quiet than usual to me. And I was on Vikendi where all the sounds are normally too loud lol.
  12. Just makes you a hypocrite is all 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. “ .... he said right before throwing an insult of his own.” - Morgan Freeman
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