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  1. Omfg how fucking random 😂🤣😂🤣
  2. Hahaha I knew it was possible. Was just curious how he got his. You both described the 2 scenarios I was imaging lol. I posted a video in another topic of the last two guys getting in a gun fight outside the blue and both died to the zone at the same time lol that’s what I love about this game. The random shit that happens all the time 😂🤣
  3. Curious to how you got a zero kill dinner 🤔😋
  4. Ledge grab has been something I’ve been hoping for for a very long time! I can’t wait!
  5. I saw ChocoTaco run into a buggy and it exploded immediately. But then he tried to do it to another buggy and it didn’t blow up right away. But I do think it will go through road blocks based on what I’ve seen. Edit: should have read ahead... someone beat me to the Choco comment lol
  6. I miss having the tables of guns on spawn island. But at the same time it was noisy and annoying lol
  7. I wouldn’t be against them deleting the island. Unless they did like someone above mentioned and making it like the Vikendi cave. Only twist is no boat spawns to get back to the mainland. So it becomes risk vs reward.
  8. This is an example of me sending salty messages 😅
  9. The one and only time I went there, I only got a box of 9mm and a flash bang 😂😭. There was no boats to take me to the mainland either lol. I got somewhat lucky and the circle favored Stalber. So after my marathon swim to the mainland, I had to find a place in the cliffs to climb up. Buy the time I got up the cliff the circle had started moving over to the south side of Stalber. Since I had no meds, I had no time to loot anything without taking damage from the blue. Not that there was many places to loot lol. I finally figured “fuck it” and I stripped all of my clothes and played bush wookie at the edge of the circles as long as I could until someone on a hill above me finally spotted me running to the next circle and mini’d me lol.
  10. Spawn island was never very popular to land/travel to so they chose not to have loot spawn there to save loading resources for the rest of the map.
  11. The parachutes are the only reason I bother lol. BH knew to put the parachute last for guys like us 😅🤦🏻‍♂️. I hate how slow it’s accruing 😩
  12. I just got owned last night by a dude with an S12 mid game on Sanhok. Running out of Paradise for the next zone, I looked behind me and saw a guy running out from a compound just east of Paradise. His running pattern looked like he was gonna try and stay at my rear and hope I don’t see him so I keep running as if I don’t see him until I get out of his view. I take cover behind a rock. As he approached I moved around the rock waiting for him to go by so I can shoot him in the back (🐀). As I start firing at him, he instantly turns and just destroys me in 2 spammed shots. At first I was a little pissed that he killed me with a shotgun this late in the game (like, who does that?! 💁🏻‍♂️). But then I was like, “it worked. That was actually impressive.” also so I mentioned in another post that my 12 year old isn’t that good at PUBG... unless you put a shotgun in his hands. He can easily get at least 3 kills per game with them. And he will run them the whole match. Duel wielding. He can’t run an AR at all. He doesn’t live long without a shotgun lol. They have their place and it’s definitely a niche. To me, shotguns are a 50/50 chance of either owning or getting owned.
  13. The main reason I don’t like the charms is because FPP is almost dead. Can’t really see your charms unless you use the “look at weapon” button or go into FPP view from TPP. Otherwise I don’t mind the charms. Like you, I’d prefer skins or something tho.
  14. That don’t have to run backwards compatibility. And I really hope they don’t. But they can transfer a more optimized port from PC on the next gen consoles. You gotta realize, even OneX would get a very dumbed down port considering what PC is capable of. No reason they can’t give a better port to new consoles and still feed the old consoles the shittier ports. But I agree, if they try to crossplay the new gen with the current gen, we may not get a very good PUBG with the new gen.
  15. And I can’t count how many times the wiggle has saved my life. Lots of times I’ve had SR rounds either fly past my head or hit me in a non-lethal spot. But I almost never immediately loot a box after a kill unless it’s in a building or surrounded by other cover and I’m fairly sure there’s no one around. I usually heal in a corner or behind cover first before looting. And I’m a quick looter. I never spend probably more than 15-20 seconds looting. I’m the type that if it starts feeling like I’ve been looting too long, I’ll walk away without grabbing some things I want. It’s just always that one split second that I chose to hold still for that usually gets me sniped lol. Like deciding to go ahead and change weapons (which has improved now that attachments transfer).
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