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  1. HelloDaddio

    Make pubg 2 devs

    I don’t feel like it’d even feel like the same game if they change engines. That it’d just turn PUBG into another H1Z1, ROE etc. The unreal engine is what gives PUBG it’s standout from all the other BRs. Tencent and the Lite devs sacrificed some detail quality and such to achieve their smoothness. Honestly if Bluehole never figures it’s shit out, we’re not any worse for it because it will still have paved the way for future devs to achieve the smoothness without sacrificing things like detail quality. Unfortunately the current devs just can’t seem to figure out the secret that Epic took with them. And unless by some act of god that Epic were to decide to work with Bluehole again, I’m afraid we will never have another BR that gives the same feel PUBG does. They can rebuild PUBG from the ground up all they want. But without Epic’s secret code (lol) all that will come of it is the same issues we have now or a completely different game all together. I’ve tried to stay as positive as I can with this game. It still runs well enough for me to enjoy it for a long time to come. But I realize not everyone feels the same way. And unfortunately it’s really starting to show that it’s dying. So imma just keep riding this wave to its last dying breath and hope some other company can come along and tickle the fancy that PUBG created in us all.
  2. HelloDaddio

    Make pubg 2 devs

    I’m curious to know what you think they would/could do that would make a sequel better than what’s already out? You think just by putting a “2” behind it will magically fix the bugs? If they can’t figure out how to make the game run flawlessly, what on this earth would make you think they can make it work as a sequel? Coding is coding. If they knew how to make a sequel better than the original, there’d be no need for the sequel. Right?!
  3. HelloDaddio

    Does nightmode exist on ps4?

    I literally just got into a night game as I opened this thread lol. Second time on Vikendi since patch. Sorry about your luck my friend.
  4. HelloDaddio

    Revive FPP by going Free-To-Play.

    +1 for crossplay 🙋🏻‍♂️. Not sure it’s a permanent solution. But would help tremendously. Sony needs to get their heads out of their arses and make this happen before ALL interest in PUBG gets lost. And I am NOT saying no cross play will make the game die. Just that it should happen before the game gets old and the player base gets worse, whenever that may be. But the sooner the better. And I’m also down for perspective bonuses like bp boosts for FPP.
  5. HelloDaddio

    Manhattan style map

    Sure... if you’d enjoy 1-2 FPS 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. HelloDaddio

    An idea to populate FPP servers.....

    Hmmmm🤔... then you know how FPP players feel? Me personally, I can play either perspective just fine. I prefer FPP. But I’ve been playing TPP as FPP has all but died off. But I’m of the few whom it doesn’t really matter because I enjoy the game either way.
  7. HelloDaddio

    An idea to populate FPP servers.....

    You lost me on “lock the TPP.” I don’t feel it’s right to “force” people to play a mode they don’t like. But I like your idea of a FIRST PERSON FRIDAY thing. Like maybe give double the BP or XP for that whole day for playing in FPP. And/or even a slight increase in SP for the whole day for playing FPP. Some sort of incentive.
  8. HelloDaddio

    Improve inventory

    I’m behind you on auto modding. Not sure about the wheel. But when looting the crate drops, if there is a dead player by it, you can’t loot what’s in the crate. I’m hoping they’ll fix that. The only workaround rn is to move to the other side of the crate. Making it to where you can’t use the crate as cover while you’re looting it.
  9. HelloDaddio

    Leaderboard Squad

    Leaderboards are mostly about outlasting other players in each match. Although getting kills helps more, it isn’t necessary. You can make top 10 consistently in matches with little to no kills and steadily climb the leaderboards. You don’t even have to get wins. Although they help as well. The main factor in getting the most LB points is outlasting other players. You can actually get a better score in a match when someone else kills a statistically more skilled player before you die. Meaning you literally did no work to outlive someone better than you. Likewise, that same skilled player will probably lose points (or at least not get as many) for dying before less skilled players. At least that’s how the old leaderboards worked before the Vikendi update. So far seems to be pretty close to the same tho. You just won’t show up on the LB until you’ve hit 6,000 SP and are in the top 100.
  10. HelloDaddio

    Leaderboard Squad

    Well you’re not wrong 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. HelloDaddio

    Map Select

    Has everyone forgotten that when they released Sanhok it got its own season pass and map select? They’ve done the same thing with Vikendi. Y’all act like the current playlists are permanent. Once Vikendi isn’t new/season pass ends, I’m sure they’ll change it up to better suit players requests. Have some patience. Anyone with an IQ above 5 knows console changes have always been approximately 2 months behind PC changes. “I’ve been playing since day one...,” “I’m leaving if things don’t change...” Quit acting brand new.
  12. HelloDaddio

    Proxy chat

    In all fairness, there are a lot of worse things than proxy chat that have been asked for. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. HelloDaddio

    Proxy chat

    +1 for proxy chat 🙋🏻‍♂️
  14. HelloDaddio

    Kill cam?

    +1 for adding Death Cam 🙋🏻‍♂️
  15. HelloDaddio

    Patch 28.02. Last Chance Bluehole

    Maybe I don’t have frame drops because I’m one of the lucky few that just don’t. I’ll R&G all day. Very rarely will I camp. If I do it’s because I’ve killed everyone around me and I’m waiting to see what the next circle does. The only time I really notice frame drops is 1. There are 3 or more others nearby engaging 2. I’ve been driving for a minute and I come to a stop. Other than that, I’m way too anxious to sit still for too long. And besides, camping is just boring. I’ve had enough dinners to where I no longer feel the need to outlast everyone. I just want to engage and be entertained. If I get a dinner in the process, great. If I piss some try hards off on their way back to the lobby, perfect. As for smokes. They don’t drop frames half as bad as they do on Xbox. It’s managable.