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  1. Last night my game crashed. Put me back to the home screen. Loaded game back up and got back into the match as i landed in the water on sanhok. I look around and there is 27 other people just sitting in the water with me. Moments later they all drown. Yet devs say nothing about this still being an issue. When clearly a quarter of the lobby crashed and died. A few days before that me and my squad came across 12 people just standing there with zero loot. Most likely because there game crashed and they just started a new game. FIX YOUR GAME PLEASE, because a huge chunk of players still have this issue consistantly. In all fairness Cod blackout crashed every other game and does not let you join back into your game. So im happy that pubg lets you join back into the game. But i would be happier if the game didnt crash at all. I would also be happy if team killers actually got banned or somthing. I would also be happier if i didnt die from hitting nothing at all while driving on either of the old maps. I could prob go on and on but i understand some things take time to fix but you shouldn't have realeased a full game that is no better then the preview version. OH fix the missions that dont work. QBU doesnt count as a dmr apparently. Running somone over with a boat does not count as killing somone with a vehicle. And there is more that i noticed had issues as well. if this game was optimized properly and worked like it should it would be a very fun game consistantly. Right now its a really fun game but with so many issues its extremely frustrating to play somtimes.
  2. My game crashed 3 times last night. Hasnt crashed in a month but 3 within 3 hours last night. Twice mid game once with 6 alive. Kicks me back to dashboard. Most likely has somthing to do with most recent update. Xbox one OG with ssd. And the dynamic weather is like one in 50 games for me. Kinda silly to add somthing you very rarely get to experience
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