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  1. Will get used to it, but yeah, not really seeing the point
  2. Yeah this keeps throwing me too, i can manage my inventory quite quickly but this is adding a couple seconds due my mind bending and taking second glances, for some reason.
  3. Davey XO

    FPS Counter

    This is my point. Saying its locked at 30 is great, but when playing it doesnt feel like it, it shouldnt take much to throw one in, if its locked at 30 we will see it. If they increase the frames, we will see it, instead of taking their word for it because everytime they say they have improved or stabilised, its just feels the same. granted smokes are less of a problem with framerate priority on but in all other areas i feel dips. we know its kinda bad, let us see it locked for ourselves, let us create more detailed bug reports, showing what causes the dips, let us also see how well it runs once the they implement their fixes. a counter isnt pointless, its proof and useful in reporting for the community/developers.
  4. Davey XO

    FPS Counter

    The graphical settings don’t seem to make a difference for me, game feels like it just runs the same either way playing on a 1X a little FPS counter alot like rainbow six siege uses i think would be a great little addition so we can see what differences there are between switching priorities. You can enable/disable this in the settings and just sits on the corner of the screen. And i feel it will also help alot when bug reporting with video content.
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