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  1. Guys, I know. Believe me I know how frustrating a lot of these bugs are. I dealt with them for over a year now between PC and Xbox. If you haven't looked into how the game performed on Xbox early access, I highly suggest checking out some of the oldest forum posts. What is being played now is essentially a whole new game, for the better. They will get worked out soon. The game just launched for Playstation, and while it sounds like it's had a pretty rough start, remember that few games are ever launched perfectly. Don't even get me started on Halo's MC collection. Biggest piece of advice I can give that will significantly, if not completely lessen the amount of crashes is to move the game to an SSD. For whatever reason, it just works. Also, after every few big updates, I usually do a fresh install of the whole game while I'm at work or out doing something else. Lot of people swear it performs better, and since I have started doing it, a lot of the issues I've read about, I have not personally experienced. While I appreciate Bluehole continuously trying to push out new content on a fairly regular basis, they had been on a snail's pace at fixing some of the more major issues in the past, but lately they seem to have switched around to focus more on optimization. There will most likely be a major update within the week pushed out to fix a lot of the crashes, audio bugs, and menu gitches I've seen on this forum. I've been with this game long enough now, I can assure that it gets better... Or maybe I've been here so long, I've developed Stockholm's syndrome. Either way, that's my two cents. Don't give up on the game just yet.
  2. Got a headshot with a Kar98. Wasn't anything all that special. Am I going crazy, or did this guy just lose his head Gears of War style? Made a nice wet "thwack" sound, too. Did limb severing get added with penetration and I'm just blind and not seeing it in patch notes? I've got so many new games to keep up with right now that PUBG doesn't have my undivided attention anymore, so haven't really been following the updates too closely. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/sergeant-pawn/video/63365149
  3. Sergeant Pawn

    What's your filthiest win?

    Wow. That guy deserved what he got.
  4. Sergeant Pawn

    What's your filthiest win?

    https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/sergeant-pawn/video/63275471 Just got this dinner a little while ago. 4 kills with UMP + lightweight grip... I felt dirty afterwards. Although, the other 3 were with that M24. Couldn't for the life of me find anything bigger than the 3x I had on it.
  5. Even if using a mouse and keyboard emulator, that person is still limited to the hardware abilities of the controller it is replacing. If anything, it would be a handicap to regular mouse and keyboard users, because even at the highest sensitivity settings for Xbox, the mouse will not react and give you that "snap" as well as it would on PC and will feel like a slight input lag. Because of that, a regular wired controller user with no input lag will win that gunfight every time. Same on PC, just reversed. Plug in a controller, even if you are #1 solo on Xbox, you are at a huge disadvantage. Short answer: You just suck
  6. Sergeant Pawn

    AWM is useless

    What? I cannot be the only one here who becomes sexually aroused upon picking up that magnificent "weapon of mass fuck you and everything behind you".
  7. Sergeant Pawn

    Big PUBG news incoming! (XO18)

    "Someone at Epic Games finally filled us in on how to fix problems rooted in current use of the Unreal Engine. No more desync, no more rendering issues, and 60fps for everyone!" And then I woke up... I've been with this game from the very beginning. I absolutely love this game, but holy hell am I running out of ways to defend it.
  8. Sergeant Pawn

    Hardcore on all maps???

    The number of people saying "clips" got me so fucked up I just knife handed my laptop. OP, believe me when I say this. You just need to hit your targets.
  9. Sergeant Pawn

    Xbox one X question

    What he said. Just recover your account like normal when setting up the new console, and everything you own will be listed under the "ready to install" tab in the My Games and Apps section. If it is on an external, I'm not sure if it'll make you reformat it when switching to the new console or not. You might be able to just plug in and go.
  10. Sergeant Pawn

    Proximity chat?

    I do not see any use for proximity chat other than to further worsen teaming, or to just be annoying by throwing a fit to bitch at the person who dropped you. I can already hear the angry high pitched whine of the UMP.
  11. Sergeant Pawn

    Overpower [Nov 1-4] Feedback topic

    I am not 100% sure about this, but I had a moment earlier flipping through me career stats and noticed my highest kills in one game number had increased by one. Now, I know for a fact I matched the number three times last night, but I am unsure if I just got one more kill and just wasn't really thinking about it. I did hit the current number in my stats on Event mode for sure cause I remember asking myself why the hell can't I do that in mini after I just tied it three times. This was in my solo TPP stats. I went from that immediately into event, then right back into TPP. Maybe stats are leaking if you switch modes to fast, like carrying over cached data while changing lobbies?
  12. OP, listen to this guy. I enlisted in the Infantry right out of high school. It's just like Call of Duty, man. You'll love it. Get to play with so many cool toys, and you'll be a real life hero. Don't listen to the guys saying all we do is clean, yard work, 5 times as much PT as everyone else, and develop a dependency to alcohol, tobacco, and fat chicks. That's only true for 99% of us. Don't worry about war. Chances are, you'll only blow up about 20 or so times your first deployment to Sand Land. Man, those IED's make your bones rattle. Now, that's realism. The best part about it is after you get out, only your everything is going to hurt a lot all the time. Also, if you're lucky, your recruiter will take you to Burger King if you lie through your teeth about anything that could potentially be disqualifying at MEPS. No need to double check to be positive that Airborne and Ranger slot is in your contract either. Your recruiter is your friend, your battle buddy, and he'll handle all that for you, so hurry up and sign on that line and raise your right hand, private.
  13. Sergeant Pawn

    FPP is dead af

    I finally got a match after 10 minute queue. 38 people when match started... That's rough. I only play TPP cause when my friends and I got it back during game preview that's all they would play. Now they've done moved to Black Ops, and FPP is on life support... Blackout is alright. It's a fun little change of pace for like three or four games. Zombies is the best they have ever made. Multiplayer is absolute garbage. I really don't understand how people like CoD multiplayers. The last semi-playable one was World at War. Since then, you almost need a form of autism coupled with an adderall prescription just to move 10 feet without dying. Every match it's nothing but getting killed 30 times in 45 seconds from endless kill streaks cause your team is spawn locked. Also, gonna have to give BF5 a "lolno". Halo's on thin ice as well, after the dumpster fire of 4's multiplayer and 5's attempt at a campaign. Been kinda jaded with games lately. This and Overwatch have been all that I've been able to tolerate for extended periods of time. Even quit on Assassin's Creed cause I couldn't believe they were so uncreative that 75% of the dialogue from that 1st bit with the Spartans was word for word ripped from 300.
  14. Sergeant Pawn

    Overpower [Nov 1-4] Feedback topic

    Are there certain spawn rates for each gun? I feel like I am getting the AUG 9 times out of 10. Don't get me wrong, I get just as violently aroused as the next guy stumbling across one of those beasts in a care package, but sometimes a man just wants to cuddle with an AWM every now and then. Other than that, I'm having a blast with the event.
  15. I'll admit it. I'm one of those guys who fusses over their stats. Not so much that I get all asshurt about my ratings, especially now that I'm sorta plateaued around 1700 win and 1600 kill, but I do like to keep track of my K/D, longest kills, headshots, etc for bragging rights. I understand event mode is just that, a fun little meaningless event (which doubles as a far better practice mode, hint hint), but I still think it would be cool to be able to follow your stats over it across the different events. Honestly, I wouldn't even mind if they did away with tracking your rating for it if I got to keep track of things I need improvement in, cause it is a good way to practice. What do you guys think? Think it'd be neat to see for brags, or not worth the time?