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  1. There are only two kinds of people who want proximity chat: people trying to team in solos and people who think they're going to be the next big thing on YouTube, flooding the site with tens of thousands of retarded <100 view clips of them trying to troll people. Tell me I'm wrong.
  2. Good lord, I swear some of you guys have made it the entire purpose of your existence to come here and bitch about something. This selection method is great in my opinion. A rotating map on the featured option is a fair way for everyone to get in a ton of time on their favorite map, and that map only. You don't speak for everyone. Nobody likes a fascist, my dude.
  3. No, you misunderstood me. I'm not saying allow PC to play with Xbox. I don't want that either, although perhaps I could have done a better job explaining my position. I'm saying that if you play the game on more than one platform, it would be cool to be able to link the accounts to allow for the transfer of stats and skins. The only time I would be in favor of allowing different platforms to play with each other is by combining Xbox and Playstation populations.
  4. Yeah everything loaded up for me right away. Weapons skins took a couple seconds, but that may be because I have a ton of them. Really need to go through an exchange the multiples of what I have.
  5. There's no need for a sequel if they can provide an update that replaces the PC ported code with code designed specifically for Xbox/Playstation. If they can accomplish that, then afterwards it would be cool to add a cross platform system. I'd love to be able to use my Xbox account on PC or play with my friends on Playstation. I'm not even saying allow PS4 and Xbox play together, although that would be nice if Sony and Microsoft will get behind it. I just want to bring my skins over instead of starting with nothing because my guy looks mean as shit right now lol
  6. I just signed on. Haven't started a match yet, but wanted to see what was up. The menu... It's perfect. Not noticing any input lag, not skipping over anything, and everything is loading right away. It's weird to say I'm this happy about a menu, but damn it, I am absolutely delighted right now.
  7. Oh, stop projecting your frustration over poor rendering at other players. It isn't their fault they phased through the building when landing and got stuck in the underworld. That isn't cheating. it's being screwed by the game itself. Do you seriously expect, what you suggested earlier, everyone to follow your idea of proper gaming etiquette and leave the match if they get stuck or can't load solid objects for a while? You'd lose a 1/3 of the lobby in the first 30 seconds. Go a step further. Do you seriously expect the devs to start swinging around the banhammer at people for rendering issues on their end? If you do, then I gotta say you're a little bit of a fascist. Fortunately for you, a major update is less than a day away, so you don't have to worry about those committing the crime of having a longer rendering time for much longer. Good thing, too, because I've heard a few rumors they have actually been in league with Dr. Evil and Number Two this whole time.
  8. Don't have an update for a while, everyone bitches about it. Some throwing tantrums so hard, they make empty "we all know you're full of shit" threats to file lawsuit. We finally get an update, and first thing people do is find something to bitch about. I'm starting to see their point not wanting to engage with the Xbox community. From what I saw in the patch notes about the stuff from dev reports finally being added, it should be a really good one. Be happy you're getting one at all. They could have easily pulled the plug on console when Greene bailed.
  9. Yeah, gonna be a hard pass for me on this one. There wasn't any way for us to respawn while I was in the Army. Hyper awareness of your surroundings, not completely losing your shit during a situation where more adrenaline is pumping through your veins than you ever thought could be possible, and having to make split second smart decisions where the wrong choice brings the potential of you and/or your brother standing next to you punching that ticket early are a part of being in combat. PUBG aims for realism. It is what sets it apart from the rest and why it hasn't been wiped out the the other BR titles. So, unless First Sergeant was lying to us about respawn to force us to sit through another god damn SHARP PowerPoint, it's a "no" from me.
  10. Dude, you need some tequila, lime, and some mixer for the ladies because the amount of salt in you right now could throw one hell of a party.
  11. Thank you Andy. I overlooked the first page before posting my first reply. I always had the thought that PUBG audio was 5.1 because how narrowed in the directional audio is, so this clarifies things. Will probably clear up most of my issues.
  12. Astro A40's with mixamp. It's actually seems to be more dependent on the map in my case. Erangel and Sanhok enemy footstep volume seems fine, however it seems like my own footsteps have gotten much louder. Although that could just be me not being used to the Astros. Have only had this headset for a few weeks. Miramar is perfect. I don't know what the hell you all are talking about when dogging on Miramar. It's tied with Sanhok as the best working maps, IMO. Haven't had a problem with it in a long time. As for Vikendi, my steps sound loud, and I know it isn't just me this time, because a lot of the people I play with have raised the same issue. Enemy footsteps on the other hand, are damn near silent. Won't know someone is running up on you until they're less than 10 feet away. Also, I've seen a few people talking about the wind on Vikendi, but that hasn't really been to much of a problem in my case, but the water on it and on Sanhok sound like that son of a bitch Hurricane Michael came back for seconds to rip my fucking roof off again. Gunshots and explosions are insanely loud on all 4 maps. Judging distance has now become a problem, however directional audio sounds just fine. Idling engines are crazy. You'll be nested up inside a building and won't even hear the plane, let alone someone running up to you, because the car engine won't shut off. That's all I got. I feel like that was a pretty fair analysis. Some great, some need a little work, some totally broken. Edit: I have noticed a bug where if you kill someone while they are either using a first aid or taking pain killers, the audio from that dead player's action loops indefinitely. I've noticed this on Erangel and Vikendi.
  13. Well, as long as we're being honest, at 20 people left, I pull out a cigarette. A pack of 100's is just the perfect size to wedge in between the wall and arm of my couch at an angle, so I can actually lean over and grab one with my mouth without having to take my eyes off the screen or hands off the controller. At 15 left, I'm in a complete panic to find my bic lighter, feel around for it under my ass, roll my tub of lard cat around my lap to see if he's laying on it, eventually find it laying out in the open and perfectly visible on the arm of the couch, but now I lost my cigarette because I tossed everything around me looking for the lighter and yanked the pack out of it's place thinking maybe it wedged itself behind it somehow. This happens so often that if you understood how often "often" means, a number of you would want to strap a helmet on me. Finally, if I didn't die when I wasn't looking at the screen because my brain dropped about 50 IQ points, during the top 10, I power smoke the poison that I've pretty much accepted will most likely be the cause of my death later in life.
  14. I looked bad on Xbox. Switched to PC recently because I think the devs forgot they made a console version, so I'm looking real plain now. I refuse to buy keys for locked crates.
  15. Yeah I had crouch, prone, and first aid bound to thumb buttons, but the more I thought about it, it didn't really make sense to do that. I noticed I was having a hard time leaning with Q and E, so I mapped those to thumb buttons and brought first aid to Q. Have crouch and prone at C and V now. Tested it out in a game of FPP, and feels much more natural now.
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