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  1. Spectator mode is ok. it is beautiful to see very fast and precise mouse movements. I think I don't play bad and I understand that there is always someone better. But this is different. it's totally unfair!Given your ignorance, I'd say you're one of m & k's
  2. is that a joke? spectate. it's seen on the player's moves.
  3. Finally do something with m&k players! They have a huge advantage and play against them is frustrating. There are more and more in the game!!
  4. I mainly hope that the new update will ban m&k players!
  5. I had a similar problem. It was a 3.5 mm jack in the controller.
  6. Pause updating - resume updating 😉
  7. There will be a change of items in the Coupon Shop?
  8. when does maintenance end?
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