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  1. Rkfeather

    Low quality ping

    Its the overall ping of everyone according to pubg api.
  2. Team killing can get you removed. I think, never seen it happen though.
  3. Rkfeather

    Low quality ping

    This shows low as in bad. Odd since region lock overall ping is worse. I get what your saying though it could be inaccurate. What does "Ping Quality" mean in a match report? The variable for "Ping Quality" is provided by the PUBG API and it is associated with the match overall, not an individual player's connection. There are two options for this variable. "Low Quality" and "High Quality". If you have a Ping Quality value of Low Quality it means that the overall match had an evaluated ping quality of "low". I do not know how PUBG calculates this value or what determines high vs low. In general, solo matches are more likely to have a "high quality" ping. Matches that involve teams and more complex matchmaking, therefore more variants in player connection speeds, are more likely to have a "low quality" ping. (This is just an observation.)
  4. Still trying for ballistic mask.. Spent 250,000 bp and still no mask😢
  5. Rkfeather

    Low quality ping

    Every time I check pubg stats it shows low quality ping. Before we got region locked it was always high quality. Anyone else notice this? Is performance better since that update? I haven't noticed any improvement.
  6. Rkfeather

    Powering Up the OG

    Since the update I've noticed a huge difference. Pre update my sensitivity felt great, now I'm back to tweaking settings trying to find the sweet spot. Getting instant deaths and issues leading shots. It sucks! No comunication from the devs either. Where's the hotfixes? Next update?
  7. Rkfeather

    Player Unknown Has Left The Game

    Console version needs to leave from pc's shadow. Xbox/ps4 cant match modern pc. Mobile pubg seems to be in a good state. I think they even have legit esports. We need a full dev team for console.
  8. Rkfeather

    Frags - too OP?

    I think they're fine as is. I've lost my fair share of dinners to frags and mollies. Love hate relationship with mollies, setting your self on fire in the final 2 sucks! Its a good balance against people in buildings/cover and your vulnerability when throwing one too gun shots/ being rushed.
  9. I like it. Sounds really cool, fast reloads and good capacity. Damage is pretty weak but I still like it. Handles good in cqc.
  10. Rkfeather

    Xbox Update #5 - Feedback Topic

    Dissappointing update. You fixed some bugs and added more bugs. Looting bug, sound bugs. Overall performance/frames feels worse. How many employees work on the console version?
  11. Feels off too me. Sensitivity feels slower and frame rates seem worse. Just frustrating, every time they add something it seems to affect core gameplay.
  12. Rkfeather

    Marshmellow rendering through the 8x

    Pretty sure they nerfed rendering on purpose to try and help og xbox... 4-500m buildings go play doh and people disappear. Decision making at bluehole continues to be questionable.
  13. Rkfeather

    Looting issue

    Had the same happen to me a few times now. Going to try removing all items from crate next time.
  14. I wish they would stop trying to make console an exact copy of pc. Maybe there would be less issues/bugs and it would be cool to get new content that hasn't already been out pc for months.
  15. Rkfeather

    Footstep Audio Changed?

    I could of swore the audio was bugged last night. In till I realized my earbuds were in backwards. Only took two games of being shot in the back and me getting pissed off trying figure out where they were at.