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  1. I've seen a few threads and made a few posts on this and their response is that. they are actively working on a new leader board but it's complicated and will take time... I personally liked the old leaderboard. I guess it was changed out because you could hide/camp your way up. Win rating. Kill rating and placement rating miles above this playtime rating they have now! Of the 27 people on the board, two have a .97 and .47 kd and barely any wins. These are top players?
  2. Wired to modem router combo. Wifi was still enabled. Modem was in bridge mode to a netgear ac2600 but disconnected it so I could see what errors the modem was outputting. Calling my isp their excuse is my area is in exhaustion so that's why I have packet loss. Even though it only started a few weeks ago. At this point I'm going to file a complaint with fcc.
  3. I think its a balance issue. If you want to hide all game or camp out in a house fine but I wouldn't mind some type of noise to alert you. Its not going happen though so meh is what it is.
  4. Ive got 400+ games and I feel like I play alot.. 1800 matches is insane.
  5. I've had this happen twice. Both time I've won luckily.
  6. I get the point of what your saying. They should slow down the updates and do more quality control. Rendering looks awful on the x lately and performance is not great either. I like to play pubg so I bought the x and a ssd + pc monitor. How far are they going to downgrade the game for the og xbox.
  7. Hello everyone, Today, we’re excited to give you a look into what you can expect from our upcoming July update! The next patch is scheduled for July 30 PDT/CEST, and you will be able to test out the new contents on the Public Test Server (PTS) on July 23 PDT/CEST. This update will introduce a new weapon, the Deagle, a new vehicle, the BRDM-2, as well as quality of life improvements and features. New Weapon: Deagle Highest damage of all handguns. Rare spawn on all maps. New Vehicle: BRDM-2 Can only be called in as a special Care Package using the Flare Gun. Amphibious, can travel on land and water. Replaces the armored UAZ. Improved Gas Can The Gas Can has become explosive! When blown up, it deals damage to all players in a radius around its location. Improved Loot Sorting Loot will (finally) be better organized for player crates, vicinity loot, and care packages. Radio Message A new communication function that will help you better communicate with your teammates 8 types of messages to choose from, some of which will work interactively with targets, items, and your inventory. Auto Replace Weapon Skin An option which will allow you to automatically replace the skin on a picked up weapon with your own. We will be sharing more details of the July patch before we open the PTS. Please stay tuned for more exciting news! Thanks, PUBG Console Team Where does it mention ledge grabbing? Im not saying it won't but from this post they're not saying it will be.
  8. The first one I googled twitters ip address and maybe it was wrong/inactive Idk. Ill try to figure out why the images are so compressed. Dont know why we can't delete posts.
  9. could you give me the run down of steps to use on ping plotter please.
  10. Second isp tech came out and said everything is normal and he didnt find any issues. Yet the two times ive called the isp tech department theyre telling yes we see your connection is unstable. Im not sure how accurate xbox detailed network statistics is but it showed 12% packet loss just now when i tested it. Going to try pingplotter and see if I can make sense of it.
  11. Can't sign in. Seems like an xbox live issue. I'm in pnw.
  12. Pretty sure its the isp.. Tech support tested my connection and they're telling me there's something wrong from the amount of errors my modem is logging. Pubg definitely messed something up with their hotfix from June 11th though. I've tried qos on netgear router and it caused severe packet loss for my nephews xbox so I turned it off.
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