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  1. Blood was before my bullet hit. Pubg stats show I hit one torso shot but that was before this clip. Its hard to see on a small screen. My monitor show bullet go straight through him.
  2. I got a torso shot on him before this and second shot just goes through him? 5-24-2019_4-10-56_PM-s5sh3rpn.mp4
  3. Could be down to play style. I usually play better when partner takes a support roll.
  4. Maybe if we all speak up they will? Can we get the most recent loot buff for erangel Andy?
  5. So far its pretty good. I'm not a fan of the rustling sound but I'm sure ill get used to it. Xbox x w/ssd so I rarely have issues with rendering. Loot increase on erangel is meh. I know pc got another buff after the patch were on, So hopefully they can just add that before it goes to live servers.
  6. Aim looked ok too me. I find it hard to stay on target when people strafe left to right like in your video.
  7. Where's the wheel menu for meds/ nades etc... Ping/connection stats. This might limit the amount of complaint threads if they can see they're connection is bad. Remove clothes from inventory screen. Use right stick to move attachments like pc?
  8. The trees are back at miramar. Anyone else notice they disappeared for a month? Section is in los leones.
  9. Do you play on the xbox x? Graphics on the x vs og is pretty noticeable. I play on 1080p monitor and for the most part everything looks great.
  10. I've never went in the cave because I have ssd and xbox x. Same reason I don't go to castle anymore, tired of being killed by people under the map. Imaging if pc was held back by people with old hardware. I wish consoles were able to be upgraded internally.
  11. Im hoping we get the update tomorrow. Sounds like you need a break from pubg for a bit. The updates are at a snails pace but it is getting better.
  12. I've noticed this too. Some of my clips dann near blow my eardrums out. Im not sure though cause in game I'm just trying not to die so maybe I don't notice it as much.
  13. Rpg would be fun though. Custom matches only or special events. Only effective against vehicles.
  14. Grass and bushes! Or cut the grass down some. House doors. Random debris floating in air. Flies.. Keep removing downgrading till we hit 60 fps. The x w/ssd renders 👌. og xbox users might as well give up on this game. I don't think it'll get much better.
  15. I like the current one. Increased control and ability to land in spots that weren't possible before. I do miss wave jump meta and feel like I can't long jump as far with current system.
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