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  1. Jtozer

    Weapon Mastery

    Imagine the laggy-ness in that menu screen now when this comes out.
  2. Crouch if you can to steady them shots! Thats when the elite controller really comes into play. Set one of the rear paddles to 'B' so you can crouch whilst keeping your thumb on the aim stick
  3. Jtozer

    SSD question

    What i find odd is i play squads quite often with some mates that dont have ssd's...when they land they have playdoh buildings but the guns load in quickly or they can even see guns through unloaded walls etc. My x1x with ssd the buildings load in fine but i have to wait abit longer for gun spawns to load in compared to them...however when i first got my ssd i remember being able to parachute on to the school apartments and picking out what roof to land as i could make out the guns before i got down there...im sure the spawn loading has gone backwards, i dunno. It confuses me
  4. Jtozer

    Free Fall System is Broken

    A couple of guys in my squad have this issue, i normall fall at about 165/166kmh but a couple of my buddies constantly fall at 190-200ish kmh. Sometimes they can level out and push forward again it will slow to 165, other times it doesnt
  5. Jtozer

    Kar98 clips

  6. Jtozer

    Season SP grind

    Whats the line between a dedicated player not wanting to play unhealthy hours and a non dedicated player playing unhealthy hours
  7. Jtozer

    Getting shot through walls

    https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/drillbittozer/video/71530765 Get this happening all to often. Only notice it on vikendi though
  8. Jtozer

    Extremely laggy customisation menu

    Yea its terrible
  9. When landing, i guess buildings dont load in as quickly for some people so when im third person round a wall looking at them then they just shoot me through the wall. Very frustrating as it happens often
  10. 😂😂😂😂 i have to watch it again every so often in the hope that he will appear less ridiculous if i watch it more. But it just gets worse haha. Poor little angry man
  11. Haha good work! Made mincemeat of him...i love it how people like this kid streamer just set up a camera on themselves and start streaming and because of that think they have the right to be better than everyone else 😂
  12. I know mate what a plum. I actually googled his name and it came up with his POF account which is just as sad haha. There is a questionable headshot but its pubg at the end of the day if the game doesn't want you to win you wont! I know what you mean about the UMP though, but it is really good at its intended job But it does make me wonder why i was playing against an american when im in england, 1 of us had been put into the wrong server
  13. Followed this link up, man some of these streamers are so funny in a sad way this guy nearly cried when i killed him https://pubg.report/streams/039e26c2-4df4-4da1-a6d4-051eab7dfd10/922747259 Skip to 02:02:00 poor kid i feel sorry for him