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  1. Thank you man i didnt realise this, a trip to CEX this weekend it is
  2. I ballsed up! Been playing for over a year now (literally its the only game ive played on my xbox since pre release (how sad is that!! haha)) last week went out, bit the bullet and bought a 120gb SSD thinking "thats plenty big enough to fit pubg on". Plugged my brand new spanky ssd in couldnt wait to transfer the game over and start pwning noobs. But something wasn't right as i went into game management there was no option to transfer game to external drive, i couldnt access the drive. Downloaded the media player thingy, still didnt work. All my mates said all you need to do is go into game management and theres an option to move it to external space. Came on here and done some reading and seen a couple posts about needing a 250gb ssd! WTF!! Didnt bloody realize you need a minimum size SSD of 250gb!!! What is all that about!? I dont understand. Ergh.
  3. Agreed on cross console play and better bp rewards for fpp, wouldnt be hard to do
  4. Jtozer

    EU FPP

    Ah cool! Cheers
  5. Jtozer

    EU FPP

    Im sure its been covered but i cant find the past threads on the subject is eu fpp servers working? Been playing tpp for about a year, tried playing some fpp games but gave up waiting, not sure if the servers are up or not can anyone confirm?
  6. You cant carry to many grenades without sacrificing meds and ammo which are pretty vital when trying to make it to the final 2. Theres always a sacrifice on each side
  7. Is there a kill cam in black out?
  8. Yer ive had it a few times since the game came out as a pre release all that time ago. Doesnt happen often. Another pubg qwerk
  9. Jtozer

    Invisible walls

    Yeah man, i cant go up on those roofs without having to vault the invisible wall now. I cant believe they havn't fixed it, well i can...it is pubg afterall?
  10. Still on the roof tops of garage buildings in miramar, this was reported multiple times way before the launch of 1.0