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  1. Gotta get your sensitivity dialled in. I find if i lve got someone in my sights and i spend time lining it up perfect i will still miss from time to time and other times quick flick shots will land. You miss 100% of every shot you dont take. Just gotta send it.
  2. Been In the boozer most of the day. Not even gonna attempt it tonight
  3. Ahhh it all becomes clear now... Ill get an internet plumber out in the morning, cheers!
  4. Heavy stuff...got anything a little lighter?
  5. If you go to your clips on the xbox. There will be an option to upload. Upload your game clips then use www.xboxdvr.com to copy and paste a link into your forum post. Some people can embed them in their posts so other people dont have to follow a link but the embed option doesnt seem to work on xbox dvr or im just doing it wrong 🤔
  6. Can someone please explain in laymans terms what this means? I have the little red symbol of squares popping up often. Every 10-20 seconds at a guess.
  7. Yea i had this happen on back to back games last night. The first one it was me and my mate against 1 guy, basically a good chickeny chance coming our way. "brrrrrrrr" my game crashed and i just ran of into the blue and the lone dude got the drop on my mate...we got a second 😑 Very next game...long flight to severny "brrrrrrr" crash on landing
  8. Not fussed about war mode so will jump in when the BR is on if someone could post on here when that is 👍
  9. Yea it was poor play really. The confidence was up and i was so sure he was in the hut but as soon as i ran and he wasnt there "it was at this moment he knew he had f**ked up" Heres a little clip from just before i got you https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/drillbittozer/video/76793574 I mean...ive watched back a few times and how that headshot didnt register is crazy. I went on pubglookup and it put it down as a torso hit but did 98dmg.
  10. Sorry dude...it was a nasty 3rd party from me. I didnt feel good about it after seeing your name haha. 😥
  11. I loved the games where you had a couple of medkits, boosts, bit of ammo and a smoke between the 4 of ya. One person with long range and the next guy with an uzi and yet somehow scraping a win out of it scavaging loot boxes and sloppy seconds along the way. Gone are those days
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