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  1. In my Xbox network settings I have a “double nat detected” warning. Would fixing my double nat really make a difference in game?? I don’t really notice any out of the ordinary network issues while playing. Could it reduce instances of desync or anything helpful?
  2. Here is what I have learned with the elite start with just 1 underside button. Once it’s muscle memory add a second, third and so on. Trying to do more than one at a time just messed me up. I started with mapping b to the underside. Crouching drastically reduces recoil and improves accuracy. Now i can crouch very quickly while shooting without taking my right thumb off. You don’t need to change your left thumb stick height. It’s pointless Using the tallest right thumb stick gives you much more control of making small adjustments when aiming. Makes a huge difference.
  3. Xbox one x. Solos. Tpp. Erangel map. crash occurred during the match. About 20-30 minutes in. Late in the game. Shortly before the crash I unlocked the “marksman achievement”. My screen just froze and there was a loud monotone noise. No error code after the crash it took me back to my Xbox home page. Not the title screen. This is exactly like the types of crashes that’s I used to get early on in the pre release days. the first crash I’ve had in a long long time.
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