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  1. It's happened to me. I was close to the door, but still.. https://xboxclips.com/DrinkWalrusMilk/c8710924-aaa4-4ad9-8f54-9849f49b2a37/embed
  2. It's always great when they first release a big update, then slowly goes more and more to shit. Desync gets much worse the over time, then they release a big update and it's great, and the cycle continues. They need to do some kind of weekly server maintenance like PC.
  3. FPP is all but dead on console. I think they should just get rid of it entirely. No one likes it but a few nerds.
  4. Barrett replaces AWM in care package. AWM replaces M24 as spawn weapon (obviously with a bit of a nerf). Done!
  5. Yep. Everyone I know that has quit have stated their reason as it runs like shit. They all love the gameplay but just gave up due to poor performance.
  6. On mobile they've removed all the window glass and a lot of detail inside the buildings as well as re-arranged some things to make everything run better. It runs smooth as hell at 60fps on my iPad Pro and looks almost as good as the Xbox. I have an SSD in my Xbox, so I don't have any rendering problems, but it still runs at a piss poor MAX 30fps and very often 25fps. There's no excuse for this. Stop trying to make a 1:1 port of the PC. It's not going to work. The Xbox is not powerful enough to do it. Instead, they should optimize the game for the hardware like the mobile team did.
  7. It always runs great on the PTS, then as soon as they put it live, it goes to shit. Especially after about a month. I’ll believe it when I see it.
  8. Also the FPS is too low so I get severe motion sickness. I might actually like the mode if it was 60fps. But at 20 fps it's vomit city.
  9. That's kind of what they've done with the mobile version and it runs great. They've removed some rooms in the buildings, all window glass, internal doors, and some buildings here and there. They need to optimize for console rather than trying to do a 1:1 port of the PC. It's just not going to run well.
  10. I've basically given up. I think I've played 2-3 matches in the past month. I've been playing on my iPad Pro instead. At least it runs great on it.
  11. At this point do you really think they are capable of fixing the game? Why on earth would you think that? They haven’t shown one iota of competence. If you want it to run well, play on mobile or PC. The console team are either too small, way out of their league, or both. And the parent company doesn’t seem to care. They’ve shown no signs at all of doing anything about it.
  12. They just need to re-build it from the ground up for console, and stop trying to port over the PC version. That's what the mobile team did and it runs great. A PC port obviously isn't going to run well. This team just isn't talented enough to do it. They can't even fix a 2x scope after 8 months or get the menus running well. Let that sink in. Even the menu runs like absolute shit. These developers are way, way, way out of their league.
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