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  1. I do too. I’m pretty good off the drop, but when everyone else settles in, I don’t adjust well. My instincts make me play a little faster than I need to.
  2. Causes me to do some very stupid things. After each death a lot of the times....I just sit there thinking...why did I do that? sheesh. 🙃😑
  3. Was rolling around about 3 min after this and realize I didn’t get the kill so I clipped the video and can’t figure out how the guy died. I know my teammate finished him off but the kill feed shows something weird when I “knocked” him. it didn’t show HEJLYEA ran over him.
  4. No not sneaky...when we both know where each other are and he is prone and I am behind cover. I can never get the fast enough and always lose unless I just don’t take the battle. It’s really really hard to not try and take out a guy that’s prone though!!
  5. Yes, for sure. I’ll look at their last 10 games and they will have a total of 4-5 kills. It’s just a weakness of mine...something I’m not good at, so it leaves me open to getting killed by someone not quite as good.
  6. Yea I agree but I get killed by some pretty bad players like this. Too often for me. Just a weakness. I don’t line up shots fast enough and they are already down their sights. The thing that irritates me is all the people around just letting them lay and shoot while he is attacking me!!! Ha. Get the dude that’s still!
  7. From a distance...I s t r u g g l e at this for some reason. anyone else have this problem? i can instinct snap shot someone with a red dot and have a decent k/d but get killed so many times by a guy laying down on the ground with a dmr or sniper.
  8. Killed BY...sorry. I worded it wrong.
  9. Do you guys use this tactic at the end game in Sanhok and Erangel (due to grass)? its something I’ve never done, not so much because I’m anti grass snake, etc...but I feel super vulnerable. I feel if someone sees me, I don’t have time to get up. im asking because I get killed like this a lot! In late game! I can’t hit guys proned very well for whatever reason and on top of that when you are focusing on all the noises, circle time, etc...I don’t see them sometimes. anyways just curious.
  10. Having one of those days where nothing is going right. Every fight I spectate the other guy has like 1/10th health...like over and over and over. Even landed on the hospital roof earlier and grabbed a bison and one clip. Took out a dude on roof, there are two more, someone hits me but potatoes. I perform a miracle and get away to a small amount of cover and luckily there was some more 9mm right there, about to grab two more kills from the other guys scrambling on the roof, only to get taken out by a dude about 300m away with a mini, 6x scope, and silencer. This was like only 45 sec in the game! Not. My. Day. Anyway, my main question is on these days where it seems like I can’t do anything, the game seems like everything is moving so slow. Turning, adsing, etc... is is that just my imagination because I’m just losing over and over or does anyone else seem like everything on the game can get slow? its weird...hard to explain.
  11. Honestly, I probably dont play to win as much, Im a little more aggressive now and it gets my in some tight spots...but do you guys that used to win regularly, still win often? To me its much harder to get wins it seems. Maybe because the player base is lower and its more of seasoned players. Im speaking mainly on solos...If you have a good team on duos or squads, win availability goes up tremendously IMO. Also those gametypes to me are alot more predictable where people are. Anyway...was just curious.
  12. the delay in type b makes this game unable to play if you are a controller player that uses type b. I dont like to change things in steam controller layout because then you can start seeing conflicts in the way steam wants to control the game vs native pc controls.
  13. How can I check ping to pubg servers? speedtest.net it’s typically 15-30ms
  14. A lot of my deaths are very similar to this. I know I potatoed a little but the last three bullet burst are lined right up and they get no hits. ive watched at .25x speed then he kills me, but he would have died with one more shot.
  15. Ok I’ll admit that I check stats after most games of the guys who get me. im on a string of getting killed by suckier opponents but lately its been happening over and over. what causes this...lol driving me nuts to get owned and look and it’s a guy that’s like .85 k/d with no wins.
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