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  1. I play on both. Depending on what console my son is on...but use Xbox controller on both. Guess it’s hard to tell but I thought I saw 4 splatters on video and it appeared every hit was shoulders or above. oh well. When your slumpin....your kiss slumpin...lol
  2. I don’t know but that sucker still had like 1/3 life...when I spectated.
  3. This is highly accurate to me as well. So straddling left to right and fighting is hard.
  4. So currently in an aiming slump. Hanging in there but having to go try hard and use extreme tactics to get kills. Anyways how long do you guys slump aiming before you start changing things? then when I feel like I am aiming decent...I still die (see video below)
  5. Im decent...not great. Mostly play on xbox, but dont have a very big network of friends on ps4 so when I do, its solos...or randoms. psn: HEJLYEA
  6. These suckers out here though will sit in buildings until the blue eats them up...they will fire at you when you try to retreat and leave, but when you face them they hole up...will just sit in the blue until it happens. Gets on my nerves. So I am the one who typically gets impatient and just tries to rush in...and that ends up bad more than good.
  7. Anyone want to play duos? I should be on in an hour or so central time.
  8. I, also was team killed for first time today.
  9. How do you guys handle dropping and not finding a weapon when all the guys around you do? I’ve always wondered this.
  10. ....even though I’ve owned an Xbox for years. Let’s say you get a random on your team and want to invite him to your party...what’s the best way to find his name to send an invite? i never see these names on “recent players” or whatever it’s called. And gamer tags are hard to just remember by sight because some are complex.
  11. ...lol, I’m not great so I’m going to enjoy that one last night.
  12. I get wins. And have prob 50+ in both consoles. So I know the effect it has vs. playing every day like I do a lot of times during the summer. (I’m a teacher and coach)
  13. Whats the minimum number for customs?
  14. ...is how it's just not a casual game. I don't have a ton of time to play so when it's like 4-5 days or a week in between playing due to work or whatever, it's hard to have consistent success. Still fun, make frustrating at times. Every one you go against seems pretty decent to good at the game.
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