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  1. https://fix.pubg.com/ Back in August, Bluehole set out this road map for their plan to address the biggest problems in PUBG and apparently planned to have this game in semi-decent shape by the end of October. With the last patch of the month coming to the test servers soon, lets go over some of the promises that did not make it in. The hitch issues are and will continue to be a thing. Netcode is still bad. 23 Hz tick-rate is just not acceptable when the ttk is so low. Desync is listed as incomplete and reports flood the forums and Reddit daily. This isn't everything that won't be completed by the end of October, but these are some of the biggest issues. Quite frankly performance should have been the first problem addressed and done so before the game launched last year. Gameplay feels sluggish; constantly waiting for doors to open and objects to be picked up after interacting with them, player movement is slow and occasionally buggy, and of course desync occurs rampantly. I'm just really disappointed.