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  1. I never liked Gears multiplayer. Enjoyed the hell out of the campaigns, but the I just could not get used to sticking to stuff like glue. I want to maneuver my player freely, not get put on rails like a kiddie go-cart ride.
  2. There is definitely something to be said about that. When PUB was updating last week I convinced my buddies to play Halo with me. They were getting so frustrated playing against long time Halo players that they gave up after about 3 matches. I had a blast though, because I've been playing Halo for like 17 years. 😂
  3. It sucks being an aggressive player in TPP playlists. It is definitely challenging, but the people who hard-peek a lot usually are not that good and are most often predictable.
  4. I'm having more high kill games than ever on Erangel now. I think the loot has improved gameplay a lot.
  5. Looting quicker means getting into gunfights quicker! I'm all about it.
  6. I love when they miss all their shots and then act surprised and pissed off. lmao https://pubg.report/streams/2f703c49-d356-464b-9223-ae97eb8be352/33554762
  7. I'm in the US, NY State. On PC games my ping is always steady. League of Legends it's 45ms, PUBG it's 38, etc. Xbox is the only thing that gives me grief.
  8. I've done all the troubleshooting. I'm convinced I'm just closer to the PC servers than the Xbox Servers. Probably nothing I can do about it.
  9. Wired. Same network setup as my PC which gets a stead 38ms throughout a game on PUBG PC.
  10. I knew mine was shit on Xbox. Jumps from high 60s to low 120s all game. On PC it stays at 38ms....
  11. I thought I was going crazy earlier. I cleared a house on Sanhok then saw a dude out in the open so I put rounds down on him. Went to reload and then a dude just appeared next to me shooting wildly. I had no audio cue and had the only viable entrance in my peripheral the whole time.
  12. I think the server/s have never been all that great. I'm getting about the same number of desync deaths as normal. I don't experience any of that on PC though...
  13. I was getting nasty desync deaths all evening until late late at night. Very frustrating.
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