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    Vikendi loot balance

    I thought that's kinda the point you should be able to practice with every weapon so if all i have is a 1911 or and uzi play smart and use it as such if every or even alot of building has am4 may as well shut off smgs.....but no every weapon has its pupose

    Recommend a headset

    Honestly your better going away from xbox specific headsets such as turtle beach instead go with the highest rated pc one that also works on all consoles like the artis steelseries 3 is the highest needed about 100 cad don't need the newer ones ( bluetooth connectivity, other pc specific features) all that said all headsets are basically the same long as the offer stereo sound all the xbox can do no dolby 7.1 surround so meh

    Online players count

    Agreed would be sweet to know if im in MM with like 10 guys or 100

    What is the best gun all round?

    P18C with all attachments.....okay not the best but with a suppeseser its even more quiet than VSS and can down a geared up opponent with one extended mag just need to be close

    Taking away NA FPP Duo?!?

    Agreed played with one buddy all the time never enough people for squads hopefully gamepass and PS4 get played counts up because ill still olay solo FPP rarely if i can get a game but with no duos me and friends will be forces to play something else not because we want to but we can't duo anymore sad talk about killing your own game but i sure hope not

    Matchmaking Idea

    First off i love the game despite all the bugs....next i only play FPP just my personal preference anyway, I was think could get get like a total number of players currently in the pool matching so the time i am so i can see if it worth to continue to search or if me and like 10 people a looking i can try later on, like some older call of duty games had the number idk am i the only one that just would like to know if I'm wasting away because no one is playing or just haven't found and empty or full enough game yet

    Oct 4-7 Xbox Event Mode

    Why no FPP

    Please Re-Color Compass


    Twitch/Mixer Streaming List

    Twitch: twitch.tv/tmgr3dlighting And my latest youtube video,https://youtu.be/i8DwoDsAAtI YouTube Channel: R3DLIGHTING I stream multiple times a week and post regular content to youtube of my own videos, exclusively in FPP, Series include: solo wins, duo wins, and finally stream highlights thanks for reading goodluck out on the battlegrounds guys from Canada Eh