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  1. PUBG was not only my first BR but also my first shooter. I've started playing a lot of games with a start and finish again. Much easier to control how much time is spend gaming. PUBG is so damn addictive. Or is was anyway... I've been keeping an eye on store deals and been picking up some fantastic classic games. Currently level 98. Think I'll hit 100 and take a long break. May even be permanent if we don't get map selection. Only reason I came back after my recent 2 weeks away was due to a non-gaming friend visiting. He's played several games of PUBG at mine and wouldn't stop nagging for another. Oh, to be in love with the game again!
  2. Getting more and more frustrated not being able to choose my favourite map, which also happens to be Sanhok. So much so that I actually stopped playing for a couple of week recently. I can see us parting ways in the not too distant future. A shame because I love the game, but spending half an hour backing out of the big maps for a game on Sanhok is no fun
  3. Awesome idea. And simple for it to be implemented...
  4. PaleRider

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Yep, deadzone
  5. PaleRider

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Same! The camo version being a better match to the controller makes it even worse! I keep on supporting them but at some point I'll be saying "Hell no! You're not getting another penny!"
  6. PaleRider

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Nooooooo You've broken my PUBG Controller Jacket. It's gone from a cool camo to a vile black and electric blue! Who the hell do you think is going to wear that!!! On a good note. I can now run along walls again. Left Stick back down from 20 to 10. Forward Motion up to 20