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  1. When I’m done playing for the night but still have the PUBG itch I watch Feyd101...generally speaking he doesn’t curse too much and he doesn’t play music to drown out gameplay. He can be aloft/condescending at time, but it’s not unbearable.
  2. I would give up the emote wheel for a change of clothes wheel...or at least give me the option to put clothes in a few of the eight spots. Even if you have the ability to put a jacket and pants on the wheel it would go a long wait for concealment. When a player is upright and moving it’s difficult to blend into the surroundings, however, when crouched or prone certain clothing options blend in really well and assist the sneaky play style.
  3. Good luck to all participants today...I’m out as I’m sitting at my desk at work right now.
  4. I voted ‘Yes’ because I will pick them up if I’m going for a boat ride. I prefer to boost and the boats drink gasoline like no body’s business.
  5. Western New York...nothing but lakes, forests, and farm fields. As far away from the cesspool (NYC) as someone can be before crossing the border into another State or Country.
  6. Boat slide on dry land started with the introduction of Vikendi. Assuming a large enough incline, the boat will slowly slide back into the water. I have not experienced this phenomenon on any other map, but obviously based upon the OP’s video the physics have been applied to all games.
  7. It’s simple...I’m really bad at this game. I had a 3x on my AKM and it was set for single fire...the QBZ has the red dot and was full auto. I was scoping you with the AKM down at the houses, but you wouldn’t stand still..the next thing I know you crest the hill and run right by me on the opposite side of the rock. I switched guns and potatoes...you tossed two on-target grenades and I died, the end!!
  8. DBOVIN won sanhok because I froze when I saw him running towards me and I sucked worse once he ran past me. It was tons of fun though...even if I’m trash at this game!!
  9. This would be a hard ‘No’ for me!! What makes this game great is the fact that your life is finite, if you die, you’re dead for that game. Without the ability to respawn every move/decision is important towards your survival and/or win. That’s one of the reasons this game is so intense. I’m okay with the ability to heal a knocked teammate, but once they’re dead, they’re dead!!
  10. There are two types of teaming and I think the promotions you’re talking about included a type of ‘teaming’ where you couldn’t communicate with the other player [verbally]; so there was the real risk/threat that at some point the other player was going to kill you or be killed by you. Remember in solos only ONE person can win!! Teaming that was certainly not promoted and draws the ire of everyone is when a duo/team of players who know each other and are in a party chat, join a solo game. Chances are if they are dressed alike and demonstrate a continuous pattern of teaming in solo, then there is no real risk/threat to anyone involved and they are taking advantage of a gameplay intended to be everyone for themselves. If they wanted to work together, why not just play duo/squads?
  11. Short answer, no. Consider the 4 guns currently in the crates...1 shot [headshot] kill at any range, 100 bullets lethal at any range, and two AR rifles super effective at short to mid range. Why introduce a gun that is limited to close range only and would shoot into the sky by the fifth consecutive shot (the recoil on a fully automatic shotgun would be immense).
  12. I’m not a fan of another shotgun with the only added benefits of larger capacity and fully automatic. I don’t grab crates often, so I would be really steamed if I manage to get a care package and found a “better” shotgun. If you want the crate weapon to be “special” then have it be a 10ga that shoots 3 1/2 inch sabot slugs. Allow it to be scoped (no higher than a 4x) and have similar damage to a Kar98/M24 out to 125 meters with severe damage drop off after 150 meters.
  13. The OP is obviously frustrated that the guy with the Ump teleported to another location whilst three people were remaining in game. Unfortunately, lag/desync/bad ping does is not impacted by game stage...just PUBG being PUBG!!
  14. Because they can’t understand when someone kills them from a bush, a roof, a rock outcrop, in the back, or from a house that maybe the other person worked just as hard to get into position for an easy kill. I can understand/appreciate how much fun it is to eliminate lots of players in a game...but I can also understand/appreciate the fun of out-smarting another person, especially when they would have melted me in a straight up gun battle!!
  15. Other than patience, what other skills that I mentioned in my original comment were reflected in your hypothetical strategy? That doesn’t mean I begrudge someone for sitting center circle in cover, even if/when they kill me because I should have been more careful/observant. Unlikely as this method is to win the game, that player still had a 1/100 chance of winning at the drop. Personally, I hate buildings...they limit sight lines and deaden sounds. I prefer to long drop, loot, and push the fringe of the blue with the hope/expectation of engaging my enemy from their weakside; that takes strategy, maneuvering, misdirection, and patience. I also mentioned in my first post on this topic that my higher kill dinners felt more gratifying (other than my first win) so I can understand why people would vote more kills rather than the chicken dinner...especially when they’ve won enough games that they lose the rush!!
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