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  1. McChrispyy

    Shooting through walls??

    For me this happens for only two scenarios. The very start of the match for the First 5-30 seconds of the match, depending on the people present and area you landed. Even if you're loaded in, people with lower quality sysyems will /usually/ still be loading in. Load time isn't universal, it's individual. And when you drive into a town, using an og xbox on just about anything faster than the hippie van-- firing through walls is 100% possible, since everything has reverted to claymation or nothing at all. Shooting through walls through any normal means of gameplay should be impossible unless it's a door, or an angle you missed getting shot from that seemed or felt like it was through walls. Usually good to spectate your killer to see if that situational issue is applicable.
  2. McChrispyy

    Shotgun damage

    (Each shot contains 9 pellets for the s1897) 25 per pellet for no vest 17.5 per pellet for lvl 1 vest 15 per pellet for level 2 vest 11.2 per pellet for level 3 vest. Respectively for helmets you have; 34.1 no helmet 23.9 lvl 1 21.5 lvl 2 15.3 lvl 3 And here's a nifty little link for you. Gives you TTK, hits to kill and damage bases for all guns. http://battlegrounds.party/weapons/?weapon=AKM&armor=0&helmet=0&distance=10&htk=dmg&pel=true
  3. McChrispyy

    Cement factory they said

    The only issue I've had with this new parachuting system was when my parachute just kissed a treetop, and for some reason my character landed on TOP of the pine within the complex and proceeded to roll down to her death. It was like.. my second match? I just know the places to avoid, now. But.. it kinda ticked me off. Dunno if you'd count that to be a bug, however!
  4. McChrispyy

    Submit your Random/Funny/Awesome Pubg clips!

    Here's a solid 10-kill game using a 1911 and k9 only. Had no vest for the last bit, was on the edge of my seat panicking! Didn't get how out of that triple kill none of them had ANY sort of a vest- http://www.twitch.tv/mcchrispyy/v/366943042?sr=a&t=2s
  5. Lmfao, right? I was expecting for the buggy to explode when I slammed into the car at full speed.
  6. http://www.twitch.tv/mcchrispyy/v/371543609?sr=a&t=0s I think this is just about the fastest I've ever cleared a bridge block. What's the point of one of you'll stand out in the open like that?? Lmfao. Had fun with it to say the least, forgive the clip quality!
  7. McChrispyy

    drive 500km in a buggy

    The whole "this is too much" for challenges is kinda silly. You have, I think.. 67 days now left for the pass? That challenge can be done at any time excluding the dailies since they change every day. So, their aim for this is to be done over time-- not in one week. That would be absolutely absurd! I dont think it's too bad. If you play the game, I think in two, nearly three months you'll have been In a buggy over 400 minutes and won't even notice.