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  1. Yeah, playing duos, was inside a small shack on Sanhok and heard a player distinctly to my rear left, sound approaching a window directly to my left. Got shot from a window to my right. Possibly his teammate, but shot audio was too close for sniper, and there was no motion noise in the direction I was shot from. SE US OGXBOX SSD wired
  2. Mine does it sometimes too. Regular wireless controller. Using RH stick to loot. My RH view also drifts up all the freaggin time since the custom match update. Every update I get stick drift, they’ll tune it up, then update doin it again.🙄 Frustrating, esp when it happens when aiming.
  3. Yes I adjusted the deadzone a bit higher and that seems to have corrected it for me as well
  4. I also found the chute controls to be a bit touchy. Prob got something to do with the newer sensitivity levels. Not detrimental though just a little different
  5. Orig Xbox one. Wired internet, external ssd. No weather other than Miramar sunset
  6. I’m with you man. Seems like they’d overload it in order to troubleshoot it. Hope it doesn’t get neglected and live server become PTS, lol
  7. I played like 15 matches and have only seen a sunset at Miramar. Do you have to devote your entire day to the game before you get a weather change? Haven't had the issues with the controls, but omitted trying B binding because of all the feedback. Miramar also doesn't render before landing again...
  8. Finally opened and got into lobby, but when I hit play, there was no display for solo, duo, etc...
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