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  1. Looking for any groups going for myself + 4-5 regulars to compete in squad/duo/solo. Thanks
  2. D1R3WHELP


    I cant imagine what it would be like to have 4 squads drop there. lucky to have 1 team member with a tommy gun.
  3. D1R3WHELP

    New kill record! What’s yours?

    11, Miramar, was actually mid game, free play weekend, Pecado, Casino- they just kept coming had 7-8 kills after a few minutes, died getting into zone right after 11th kill with about 40 players left. Shame because I could have potentially 15+. Several 10's.
  4. D1R3WHELP

    wtf is up with amount of loot?

    Erangel is bizarre now. Had Military Base all to myself and looted all but 1 apartment and Radio tower and came across 2 decent ARs. Yes I was eventually looted up nicely but loot was extremely sparse.
  5. D1R3WHELP

    What is the best gun all round?

    Lately my non sniper go to main weapon is AK with red dot and ext mag, preferably with a comp. Melts people, beryl is somewhat hard to control. If all my results were laid out I feel like AK would be my best performing weapon.
  6. D1R3WHELP

    PUBG is dying

    I stupidly bought COD and Ive played 2 sessions for couple of hours each, and haven't logged back in, no desire to ever play again. Trash game. PUBG x 10 better, if only they could sort performance.