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  1. 19 new wins in 40ish new games. So much time wasted for x-amount of fair player. And it is so much fun that he now got a friend to join him on the duos. Isn't that nice, such a social game. Luckily he does not play solo anymore. How big is this anti-cheat team? One, two people?
  2. Holidays for sure. I got this one report I did, and they giving me an update on that first report. I guess there is no capacity to investigate. I've seen it pop up atleast 3 times. So after 3 temp bans, there is still no time to investigate for a perma?
  3. That is not my question nor my concern.
  4. Am I wrong to expect a shot close to my body to make a whiz sound of the bullet screaming past me? I thought the shot was at someone else, so peaked... Fair game on the kill, but I feel like there used to be sound to those bullets.
  5. I have none of the mentioned running. I been wondering if it has anything to do with Shadowplay, but I guess it does not, if you are running an AMD graphics card. Let's hope this starts affecting more streamers, so it might get some priority.
  6. +1 great way to help you lose motivation after getting killed. Whenever I have to ALT F4 to get out, i'm done playing. Such urgency in fixing problems..
  7. Well, someone is at work it seems. Three more games played after I was in the same game.
  8. Same here. Been getting it since this week. Sometimes fixed by some sort of time-out.
  9. Such a shame. I cannot be the only and first one to report this one. Only been active for 6 hours, but still. I wonder what the response time on this will be.
  10. I have a favorite that never got banned too! I check in on this one from time to time, for good laughs. I expected to see him on the roster of a pro team soon, but that has not happened either.
  11. Ethernet, the Netherlands. Ping can be as low as 6ms. Couldn't find any predicatble things about the spikes.
  12. Since a month or so I'm getting lag spikes while playing PUBG. Thankfully not during combat yet, but I'm wondering if this is my problem or a server problem. While driving it resulted in a big old slidejob. While looting/running it will freeze me in place for a sec and teleport me back after.
  13. This also happens to me from time to time. Been like that for a couple of patches.
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