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  1. ScratchyROBERT

    Hows vikendi

    Awesome update so far!
  2. ScratchyROBERT

    M416 RDS Position Changed

    Yes, like improving rendering times and more in-depth graphic options in order to boost performance.
  3. ScratchyROBERT

    M416 RDS Position Changed

    This is a game, not real life.
  4. ScratchyROBERT

    M416 RDS Position Changed

    Hopefully it gets changed back because I can see this being annoying for people that have played hundreds, even thousands of matches. It's been bugging me on the PTS because the M4 with RDS is something I have used since day one of the game.
  5. ScratchyROBERT

    M416 RDS Position Changed

    For some reason, the position of the red dot sight has changed on the M416 in the current PTS build of the game. Not sure why this is but it's an annoying change. The change is also noticeable when your are aiming down your sight. I think they should change it back to how it used to be because I think the change is unnecessary and annoying. Here is a comparison so you can see what I am on about. The FOV I am using on the PTS is the same as the full game.
  6. ScratchyROBERT

    New kill record! What’s yours?

    26 and both my teammates died straight away at School.
  7. ScratchyROBERT


    What makes it worse is people exploiting it and shooting you through walls.
  8. ScratchyROBERT

    EU and OC Servers

    It's about time there's EU and OC servers on the PTS for obvious reasons.