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  1. Just curious if im the only one playing using shadow tech or are their any other users out there? If so how is your experience with it and pubg so far?
  2. Been away form pubg on pc for about a year or two now and making a return. I usually run duos with cousin and he keeps saying FPP has much more people cheating than TPP due to tpp kinda giving you a corner peek advantage as is so its not as used. I am curious how the its viewed as being the case etc. His over all view is the game is much more plagued with cheaters than it was when i left due to pc being busted. Overall looking to get an idea what the cheating situation is like worse better about same etc as it was about a year or two ago. Not wanting to start any arguments etc just get an idea what thew situation is like from more community players.
  3. AA12: yes, Compound bow: Hell yes, Sniper pistol: gonna give that one a big no. Not a fan of the idea and think we have enough rifles/dmrs in game I always find an sks, mini14, SLR in about 88 out of ten games. Will say I do love then other two but think the AA12 should replace the saiga maybe unless your saying it is creat weapon only then add it leave saiga.
  4. Lets just make all guns auto lock on to the closest player and be one shot kill no matter armor etc just pull trigger and dead no aiming no skill not even needing to care what gun you have a simple 9mm would be awm like. I mean i figured if we are tossing in ideas to destroy this game I would toss in my ideas.
  5. Ya just seen that really need to stop checking forums on phone where screen sucks and it likes to screw up...im wrong and i admit that XD
  6. True it is just annoying I don't recall that being an issue or a thing on the pc version but I could be mistaken.
  7. Actually a lot of time in my xbl gamer tag is slightly different than the name i use here (removing the 79) So hopefully I meet you in game an you can swallow that shotgun barrel.
  8. Really no one else notices this or has an issue with this?
  9. How about stop trying to make this game into cod and go play cod and let those of us who like this game how it is play it as is.
  10. Its to keep campers from camping. If you don't like being killed in the rezone don't go in it or start booking it. What next i was killed by the blue stuff remove it. I was killed by a hand grenade remove it. I was shot with a gun remove bullets. Someone punched me remove the attack ability so we can play a staring simulator. It has many good uses masking footsteps when moving keeps people from just sitting in a bush camping. Use it to your advantage you know when you see it to expect someone to be in that area or close to it.
  11. Anyone else slow down a bit or anything when changing weapons while running?
  12. I was honestly just looking at the x9's and was gonna ask here how good they work ty lol
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