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  1. Auto equip doesn't work if you pick up the item before the gun, I would assume it should automatically attach. But the most annoying one, is when your inventory is full and the item wont auto equip from ground onto weapon. Can these be fixed?
  2. At least you can't take a knee in PUBG
  3. wouldn't the only way to know be to see their clothing in lobby? And then from there, you have to then drop off the plane at what is hopefully the same time. Then what? try to kill them? Which is the point of the game. So really how the hell do you stalk someone? LOL
  4. The real concern... if we ban all the cheaters...how much harder is it gonna be to find an FPP game? LOL!!
  5. If real life, i want to be the dude that walks away.
  6. Played last night, smooth as butta. Had a ton of fun
  7. I personally hate M&K...the controls to me are clunky, and i do much better with a joystick. I hate learning and trying to memorize keys as buttons. Meh, Im a consoler
  8. I would like to see the dynamic weather take effect from the drop, and last thru entire game sometimes. Keep it random, sometimes it starts mid game, sometimes ends early, but sometimes an entire match should have dramatic, heavy effects, changing that entire experience. And up to around 20%
  9. I personally liked the new fonts, loading screen, and other subtle changes....just shows something is being done lol. The few games i did play, ran smooth, loaded textures decent enough, and i could see loot on building tops before i landed. I liked the PTS But I also have only played type A scheme FPP, so i will be looking into type B after the bug is fixed
  10. According to Nico in that last stream, they CAN see what periphrials are attached to the box, and they could limit it....but he says the number of actual users is under 1%.
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