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  1. Beastmode816

    What's your filthiest win?

    i won while playing naked in a tub of chili i was heating with flatulence.
  2. Beastmode816

    November patch. Last chance.

    Yeah! Why should we not expect a 100% totally glitch free experience for a game we paid less than $30 for and have over 2k hours in? C'mon!
  3. Beastmode816

    November patch. Last chance.

    I totally agree with every other sentance you have typed.
  4. Beastmode816

    November patch. Last chance.

    here's my 2 cents. You joined this forum for one of two reasons: 1. you love the game and just keep on playing 2. you are a COD fanboy troll and you are still active on this forum for one of two more reasons: 1. You STILL love the game and keep dropping in 2. You moved on, but still feel like everyone else values your opinion of a game you shelved...
  5. Beastmode816

    How is TPP competitive?

    i hate TPP...so one sided. Only the other player can use the 3rd person camera. Its not a level playing field.... wait...... Everyone has same advantage/disadvantage based on their use of camera. Deal widdit.
  6. Beastmode816

    November patch. Last chance.

    can we get a FEW more of these ultimatum posts? Either you play or not. No one cares. Devs done made their money, and will continue to do so.
  7. Beastmode816

    Who Purchased any Halloween Items?

    Purchased the skull mask with BP... it has been removed from my inventory some how. I was WEARING it..now gone...wtf! @PUBG_Andymh5
  8. Beastmode816

    No thirst initiative

    From the description, im assuming had this been in San Francisco, you would have never known....
  9. Beastmode816

    No thirst initiative

    I thirst if they are in a building or behind a rock in a place safe enough to get revived. if they out in the open and can draw out more teammates, then i leave em. Or if loot blows and i want a kill they die LOL
  10. Beastmode816

    Encourage people to play fpp.

    Lets play a game. First one to find an actual constructive post from Gabe gets a DLC pantsuit LOL
  11. Beastmode816

    Does your GT fix your playstyle?

    servetheperv take it as you may
  12. I totally disagree.. I have many clips of full speed hits on people who bounce off, and require another hit or 2 to kill
  13. just me or is the chicks left foot goofy looking, and looks like a thrift store 5yr old shoe, stuck up in the front LOL
  14. Beastmode816

    One Shot One Kill [Oct 25-28] Feedback topic

    Sounds like game is totally unplayable as all these COD fanboys are saying LOL! 20 kills must mean sensitivity is totally broken, you must have been stuck in unrendered stairs with no guns that loaded in. Oh, and every kill, you exploited high ping desync tricks to shoot people behind walls. Keep up the good work Except when im in lobby. Then im gonna need you to potato and make me feel good about myself.
  15. Beastmode816

    Chicken dinner in the air

    is this the PUBG "mile high club"?