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  1. At least you can't take a knee in PUBG
  2. wouldn't the only way to know be to see their clothing in lobby? And then from there, you have to then drop off the plane at what is hopefully the same time. Then what? try to kill them? Which is the point of the game. So really how the hell do you stalk someone? LOL
  3. The real concern... if we ban all the cheaters...how much harder is it gonna be to find an FPP game? LOL!!
  4. If real life, i want to be the dude that walks away.
  5. I got mine, for pubg to load in better yes. But now i've finally started just cause 3. Stuck it on the X, on the ssd, and I have super fast loading times, and have yet to have the fps slowdown that made everyone hate that game. It runs like a dream. Don't spend the money, i don't care, Im happy, and experiencing my xbox one X at the highest possible gaming level possible.
  6. No need for an enclosure. USB 3.0 to SATAIII cables are as cheap as $4.
  7. Played last night, smooth as butta. Had a ton of fun
  8. dunno, but i noticed i grabbed an M4 and ammo, immediately hit the deck. Could not simply hit the trigger while prone to initiate an autoreload. Only noticed that.
  9. LOL the healthbar/map stuck on the screen or the "Early Access" scapegoat designation? This is 1.0..i don't think early access title and its implied glitches are applicable anymore lol.
  10. a buddy is GirthSinceBirth Im really pondering Box#er
  11. lvl 90...hoping i get it done LOL. Harder than heck with an hour or so a night
  12. nailing someone full speed in car...then having to circle around and hit them again cuz it did like 10 damage
  13. Althought it could be done, everyone knew the flaws of OLED when they purchased.
  14. hell yea been wanting them punk gloves fo eva.
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