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    sanhok is the superior map

    1. Erangel. People say its to few building types and I guess that's true, but still the overall design of the landscape, distribution and size of towns and compounds makes every round on Erangel unique. Best map, no doubt! The circle management is piss sadly! 2. Vikendi. New and fun, looks good, feels good. Proper circles! 3.Miramar. Designed by guy whom like sniping.. people with red dot.. Sometimes fun sometimes silly. The crappiness of the next map makes it somewhat better. Circles not good! 4. Shanok. Size is fine. They designed only one fourth of this map. You can be anywhere on this map and it looks like everywhere. Circles? Shouldn't have have circles Shanok should be the training ground. A new map with similar size should be build, with the use of imagination.
  2. I think your scenario confirm my point. Two squads bumping in to each other on the edge of bluezone, with little or no time on the clock, will probably change their whole game plan from chicken dinner to killcount, because it's not possible to rotate back or look for options. The most likely outcome for both squads is to be wiped out by bluezone, each other and/or a third party.
  3. It is not about hanging around in the bluezone. Slowing down the last circles will add options for how to play, the way it is now it take away a lot of options. So it's really an argument between a more strategic, or a less strategic game.