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    попробуй еще включить режим "windowed fullscreen" в игре. этот режим и fast sync более-менее помогают от разрывов
  2. Забудь про вертикалку. Попробуй фаст синк врубить. У тебя эта проблема давно? У мкня нечто похожее, появилось вот в ноябре, можешь посмотреть мою темку
  3. MexicanWizzard

    Meu FPS não é constante

    maybe you should check temperature (cpu and gpu) ?
  4. MexicanWizzard

    screen tearing

    Why do you write to me what Takarii has already written?
  5. MexicanWizzard

    screen tearing

    Yes, that's why I think that guys whose advice is to turn on vsync in shooters should be punished by death 😈 ok, I'll wait for the next update. if i get tired of waiting - I'll turn on fast sync
  6. MexicanWizzard

    screen tearing

    ye, i saw this video, but i thought you know information about input lag in pubg. And what do you think about increasing input lag (with fastsync)? I mean, worry about it or not?
  7. MexicanWizzard

    screen tearing

    1)hell no 2)no 3)ofc no 4)- 5) on videos 140-144 fps. sometimes drop to 130, rarely to 110-120 I noticed that the tearing are more visible on training map. Vsync is a not a solution and I already explained why. I can enable fast sync, but i don't know how the input lag will increase in pubg
  8. Россия очень большая, откуда ты конкретно? Если из ДВ, то неудивительно, что тебя кидает на азиатские сервера.
  9. MexicanWizzard

    screen tearing

  10. MexicanWizzard

    screen tearing

    this doesn't cancel the fact that the tearing in pubg have become more noticeable (considering your opinion - much more noticeable) than before. how can I explain this to you, I don't know. I'm tired of your confidence that this is normal. This is not normal, before the update was normal. in the first message I asked "don't describe the term of screen tearing" because I already know this. And saw it many times when people need a solution, but they only get "screen tearing .... bla bla bla". This is simple and clear- this problem didn't exist before, now it is. I didn't change anything, only updated the game. If you don't know the solution of the problem (except vsync), or if you can't send the problem to the developers, don't write anything, please. Because it's counterproductive
  11. MexicanWizzard

    screen tearing

    Do you mean to limit the FPS in the game to 1?
  12. MexicanWizzard

    screen tearing

    Dell u3415w
  13. MexicanWizzard

    screen tearing

    I have a 34inch monitor, so I can clearly see the difference in the games. Mb today i make a video from BF1 for you. And how do you explain that people with 144hz monitors have a screen tearing in pubg? I repeat once again - I have this problem only in the pubg and only after the November (and week+ after december) update. for 3 years with this monitor I had no problems. Sorry for my bad english.
  14. MexicanWizzard

    screen tearing

    Lucky you. I played only one week without this shit, and now i see it again