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  1. unknown236

    Here ya go.

    Why should i have to purchase extra equipment to play bug free?
  2. unknown236

    Here ya go.

    This is what you broke when you fixed the desync 1. Doesnt spawn me in until the end of the plane. 2. Static in sound, had this happen 3 times definitely not my headphones because it was happening to my teammate too. Alright that's all ive seen so far.. Maybe someone could share what bugs they found.
  3. You're just mad you have to squint to see a guy 100m away on your 20 inch monitor lol
  4. I wanna know what ps2 you have! These graphics are way better than ps2..
  5. I have been getting double wins in duo recently i hate it so annoying but however the more i think about it there was a glitch going on a while back where wins wouldn't count on the live servers and all those wins on the test server so its not like i didnt earn them but hopefully they find a fix soon.
  6. Everytime i win it counts as 2 wins in my stats. Its not like i didnt deserve these extra wins because of test server and glitches in the past but i also dont want 2 wins for actually getting 1 win forever.
  7. I find it pointless. Why not just say the number? Its much easier
  8. I've found out a bug too just going to explain it though i don't have a video. The lazer sight isnt accurate when using it in about the range of house fights the lazer sight will be a little below and to the left of your crosshairs.
  9. But they are also 2x better.. If you're complaining about not hearing anyone maybe its time to hit your shots so you don't have to fire for long.
  10. Are you trying to play fpp? Im having problems with fpp but not tpp
  11. Proof "im working on it" Haha jk here https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ragedterror2035/video/61896862
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