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  1. FFP still has a small fraction of the top 20 crew I used to see around but its really unfortunate that they changed the formula then. It seemed equitable back when I played. Rewarded wins above all else along with giving a bump for individual achievements likw kdr and accuracy.
  2. I guess I should be more specific. There are not hardly any newbs. There are also not any elite players (check the leaderboard - kids in top 10 have 1kdrs now some of them). So I agree there isnt a big skill gap but the skill level of players who are left is not great. I would say most players playing right now are a B+ based on the 3 days I played. They do lame stuff like camping buildings. At peak player count you couldnt do that stuff because teams would nade you out right away.
  3. 3 days of games? I didnt say I was doing bad...I wasnt...but it was annoying, "grinding" play rather than tactical like a chess match. I find PUBG boring when it doesnt feel like chess.
  4. Good job. I have also noticed the overall skill level (broadly) has declined significantly. Long term play (I played 3 different days this week) is more annoying than fun because people consistently do...well...dumb stuff.
  5. Its on the forum somewhere. The other problem is the forum has pretty restrictive upload requirements that overly burdens forum users. It took me about 2 hours to upload the 30 second clip the first time because I had to send it two different places before uploading it to the forum and then the time editing it down to meet size requirements. Dont talk to me about confirmation bias. Such discussions are not in the spirit of any kind of rhetorical debate whatsoever because social sciences are unprovable. You cannot prove I have a conformation bias you can merely suggest it based on anecdotal evidence. As someone who has insisted on facts I would redirect you to producing them in your own arguments.
  6. If that is the case thats extremely foolish of them. There are closer servers that could be merged. So the game doesnt sell in a certain country so people 3000 miles away get dumped on US players? Kind of illogical and honestly laughable. They keep taking a dump on their primary market (US) and the player numbers keep declining. Wonder if they are related? Lol. What I think my EU brothers are missing (hence the re-read remark) is I said "current." Unless you are playing right now your experience is irrelevant. Nonetheless a 6 second match time tells me I should see 0 foreign gamertags on the NA servers. I saw a ton of Spanish and Asian GTs two hours ago. Probably more of them than US - ON A NA server?!!?!?! Dumb. Just plain dumb.
  7. I have a 400mb connection, hardwired directly to the modem, with no jitter whatsoever. My xbox gets 350ms when I do a speed test. My upload speed is 20mbs. You say that player side internet issues could be an issue but they cant because the game requires 4mb and the overwhelming majority of people have 3 times that. Missed shot? Based on your analysis of the Kar98 shot I posted, where people broke it down via screen caps showing the bullet going through an AFK players jaw, I cannot take any of your "missed shot," narratives seriously. Tbh most of what you post just makes me think you are a smerf account for a dev team member.
  8. If you live next to the server (like someone who lives on an island obviously would) its pretty obvious your ping is going to be an outlier. What I am trying to say is the pings on average for most players across the board are higher than other games. This is the result of lacking server resources and quality. Players like Shroud wont even play on a 60ms connection. I consistently get 35-40 ping on BO4.
  9. "I dont see any legitimate criticism" Precisely the problem. Ping and desync are interrelated - this game is hosted on dedicated servers therefore ping is mostly an attribute of region locking algorithms (matchmaking more broadly) and server quality neither of which PUBG has adequately address. BO4 has a latency meter - why doesnt PUBG? Based on extensive FPS experience I can tell you PUBG ping is 60-70 for the best of games. Thats sad and nearly unplayable.
  10. I have posted several videos as have others. All people say is "no evidence" or try and disupute the clarity of video extracted directly from XBL. Lol. I bet if you did a search of the term "no facts" there would be so many results the flooding control would activate. You are saying there arent any facts to suppprt my claims - yet PUBG had 2 million xbox players and now has less than 200k. Lol. Time to wise up
  11. When the most infamous denier of any post critical of PUBG especially desync comments "where?" The irony is confounding bro. Didnt you tell me 6 months ago region lock was a bad idea?
  12. Yes but its not just PTS thats NA only. Thats the problem.
  13. They made 20 million this year alone. How can I get into game development so I can make half a game and become a millionaire.
  14. The games mechanics are as bad if not worse. Desync seems unimproved from 6 months ago but the biggest problems I see not getting fixed? The gaming culture around PUBG. Players are still looking at clear evidence of desync (posted on the forum) and denying it. Currently gamers across the board are getting an error message "servers are too busy." Which means PUBG has dramatically scaled back its already skimpy server resources (further evidence that desync is a huge issue). PUBG devs see that and think, well it must be subjective then and do nothing. They launched PTS today and completely flopped it at multiple levels. Most of the high level players have left the game (as evidenced by the stats of current top 10 players) so corner camping w/ aound whoring, bush laying, and pretty much every other poorly conceived tactic is abound particularly in tpp (which has always been questionable competitively speaking but now is downright arbitrary). PUBG corp post 20 million in PROFIT. Where is our completed game?
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