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  1. What if in pubg you can heal while mooving? But only Bandages and maybe energy drinks. Offcourse it would change the game but it would add much more variation and opprotunites. I want to know your opinions. English/Español
  2. Just for adding variation. It is a little boring to see always weapons on the floor. I know it's not necessary but why not.
  3. Add different ways to weapons and gadgets to spawn. Like this:
  4. All this is thought for FPP. In TPP this works because you can see your whole body. The effect of blood coming out of your body has to be improved. Depending on where you are shot, whether in the head, chest, shoulders, arms, hip, etc. the blood that comes out of your body should come out with the opposite direction from where it hits. In this way, by observing the blood, you will receive more accurate information about the enemy's direction. The only important thing is to make the blood effect detectable from any angle seen from first person. I think it's a great way of feedback to better understand where you are shot from.
  5. Same problem, after landing I press tab and crash. And some kind of memory error window show up
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