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  1. Ich spiel im Fullscreen (windowed) mode. Sehe jedoch keinen Unterschied bei den beiden Sachen in FPS
  2. Hallo zusammen, ich besitze PUBG schon seit Early Access release. Habe das Game immer mal wieder gespielt am Anfang mehr als während der letzten 7 Monate. Jedoch habe ich seit (ich glaube zumindest) 3 patches ein Problem. Das Problem ist folgendes: Wenn ich das Game starte und im Menu lande habe ich zwischen 5-15FPS manchmal sehr selten springt es auf 60FPS hoch. Sobald ich jedoch ein Game suche und in das Game geladen bin habe ich wieder "normale" FPS zwischen 80-144FPS. Da ich auf YT nicht wirklich eine Lösung gefunden habe versuche ich es mal hier im Forum und hoffe, dass mir jemand weiterhelfen kann. Mein PC: CPU: i5-4690k @3.50Ghz GPU: GTX 1060 6GB RAM: 8GB (keine SSD) Windows 10 64-Bit Version Mit freundlichen Grüßen, xenon
  3. Since the weakly update from the 6.07.2017 I am getting 1 FPS after I jump out of the plane for like 5 minutes. No textures are loading and I have sound buggs. After the 5 Mins I have like 100 FPS..
  4. Since the new weekly update -> My game is freezing every 2-3 game (10+ games) My Game crashes every 2-3 game -> that makes I think like 15-20 crashes since the update came.
  5. Hello, after the new weakly update in PUBG (1.06.2017) I played 3 games (eu-server / solo), because I wanted (WANTED) to play this game Competitive after the leaderboard wipe ! (WANTED). Every time I jumped out the plane I got a screen freeze for like 10-20 secs. (this never happend bevor (not even in the beta)) !!! Some think "it isnt that bad as long as it dont happens in the combat." But seriously thats a huge problem, because of that I cant go the place I wanted to go... for me the screen frozen, for the server I go down with 320km/h.. As I said I played 3 games and this happend 3 times. Maybe I was just unlucky, but I dont think so if I am honest.
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    German language :
  7. Hello, I and many more people (streamers etc.), would love if you would offer us some Hardcore Server. It wouldnt be that hard to make or ..? With Hardcore I mean : First Person only ; No crosshair ; No "fastest" way to the zone" etc.
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    Sometimes when you are in the loading screen you hear water, that means you will spawn while laying on the ground. If you dont hear water you will just spawn normally. Thats the 2 things I noticed. Yesterday I heard water, but in the same time I clicked mouse 1 so I punch 2-3 times and then I spawned under the normal "spawn". I dont know if this trigges it. It is just a guess. To answer your question it was pretty much random and happend only one time since.
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    Hello, yesterday I wanted to play a round PUBG, as I joined a game (eu-servers) I suddenly spawned underneath the normal spawn. I have never seen this before, so I was wondering if this is a new bug in the new patch.
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