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    Small bug (doubt that it is intentional) Date Seen : After 25th May Update Patch Issue : When flying the the plane , you can see the edge/border of the map. Will load screenshot up ASAP.
  2. Just wanted to make a thread , same happened to me. Almost wanted to make a thread. The revive timer runs into a negative when he is reviving.
  3. pulsiV

    Sight Aiming

    Hi , Just two things I saw when playing , that might be a buggy or maybe my lag. When aiming with a weapon in 1st person , by pressing right click once it doesn't aim down the red dot / holo or any scope ,I have to double click to let it aim down sight. Don't know if you are aware of this. Second thing is , while I was driving the dune buggy car and climbing out at a bit of a speed , it seems that when I climbed out the buggy the back wheel hit me , obviously damaging me. It might have been the lag , bug just wanted to point it out. Not that major but can maybe help. Thanks. +South African server
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