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  1. Difference is between lvl 2 and lvl 3 vest. You have a low chance to have an AWM and to MEET a guy with lvl 3 helmet. Ok it's strong. but not enough strong to be in crate . I know , i know it gives more damage , but imagine : Guy running on the field. You shot him in lvl 2 vest (before it was 84) now it will deal 90 and he will hide behind cover to heal. Same for kar98k. It will deal 64 and he will still hide behind cover to heal. I know that the AWM is strong, destroys the vests fast , bullet drop appears after 250m. But the 1 shot on lvl 2 vest would fit it better.
  2. Yes obviously . i shoot anytime a guy's head when he's peeking. but not when running. Whatever. Kar98k or AWM the headshot is the same, 1 Bullet. On vikendi MAY give a little advantages vs lv3 helmet. On the other maps you have a little possibility to HAVE an AWM and to MEET a guy with lvl 3 to feel the worth of it.
  3. AWM on lvl2 vest : before 81~84 now 90 . big change. no use of the AWM .
  4. It is fair. than the AWM is same useless. To shoot with SR is hard man. you can shot a nice one . but it's still not enough . Awm is rare and has JUST 20 bullets. You talk easy, i guess because you can't use the SR and you don't appreciate the power of them
  5. Than why is in the pts 150% Why isn't it 130% ? Than the AWM is trash.... no use of being in carepackage..... Same old ****
  6. That was PC. If the xbox players are fine with that, they won't change it. On pc were the players crying . Andy mentioned that the loot balance was made specially for xbox. So there is possibility to keep the AWM, isn't it @PUBG_Andymh5 @Takarii ?
  7. I fell in love with the AWM ❤️❤️ 1 hit on lvl 2 vest. Now it worth to be in the care package. Before it made the difference between lvl3 adn lvl2 helmet. and now it can one it every vest except lvl 3 (around 80dmg on that). Soo powerful. To shoot with SR is hard. especially with this category, because you can land a good shot , but more or less you won't have another chance to shoot. But now.....Ayayayay.
  8. I found no boats of erangel, and the loot seems slightly better
  9. The rendering is awesome man! I have an S and everything is loaded up before i even land! So positive Can't find extended mags though. Feeling positive right now. Wanna see the loot on erangel + how strong are the SR's
  10. thnx . The rendering seems to work for me. It's getting loaded up before i even reach the ground with and xbox S. And the mp5k will replace smth or not?
  11. Hi Andy mate! Will be EU available on the PTS? from EU to NA....ehh big ping + desync
  12. Once i saw alone in duos. I was spectating a fight. A dude got knocked and finished instantly . Then the Solo killed both dudes from the other team , then he went to their bodies and started to laugh (using the emote obviously ) then i just 1 shot him in head with m24. This one was unlucky for them . I was playing squads on sanhok. I knocked 2 dudes at the same rock . A dude went to pick them up. He exploded in the red zone . And the 4th member of the squad went in a car to drive away and he exploded too .
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