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  1. Will be held today too? If yes just @ me too see it cause i"m blind as ***
  2. @PUBG_Andymh5 I have a question, will the BRDM-2 added to the training map, or the flare gun so that we can try it out?
  3. Lool you want to become more csgo? This guy is from csgo, did you know that he is wearing helmet and kevlar? Because i didn't
  4. Hahaha that dead body was so sudden XDDDD
  5. No Vikendi selected as favourite and most hate Sanhok as i do, wow big surprize , especially with sanhok
  6. i mean weak by dmg, not about efficiency 😛 calm down dude don't get angry here :)))
  7. bizon has 53 without extended But it is way weaker, Than what about balancing the UZI? little, weak, and no sight
  8. :DDDD hahaha i was fighting you all the way, not my prob cuz u haven't seen me
  9. jjarque died in playzone, he better let the playzone kill him instead of me
  10. Same here , to avoid this, i look on the ground for plenty of seconds, or start to turn 360 many times to help the rendering
  11. didn't clip, i saw your left arm all the way, and started to move little by little untill i saw your body and shot you there
  12. uuuh waiiitttt i didn't even turn on the xb
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