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  1. Chunks

    Region renewal is a failure

    Yeah, FPP is ruined for me. I check the locations of players who kill me. EU, South America make up about half of them in between. Itd be fine if modern gaming didnt reward laggy players, but Im getting annihilated by super bullets and it aint fun. Within minutes of posting this, I get killed by a guy from Brasil at least a second after breaking the line of sight. Id rather die to hackers' flying cars. Guess its time to start setting aside for a pc.
  2. Chunks

    Vikendi promotes camping

    Im not sure if it's related to the houses as much as it is the intense increase of pace after the first few circles. Wish I could say Ive been 3rd partied, but its usually at least 4 teams involved in some big goofy firefight at the 4th/5th zone closure. It seems unique to this map, which I appreciate and makes me get the most out of hitting Quick Play. Maybe we should address I have a different opinion from OP and in conjunction with our forum handles 😂
  3. Chunks


    Why the need for sarcasm to state you disagree? And why not offer a counter point? Youre griping about the way it handles by way of an alleged bug, and offer nothing on why it matters. Are you intending to imply its very easy to use? Because we'd just be in agreement. We've then made no progress on the topic. I dont understand, homie.
  4. Wrong section of the forums homie
  5. Chunks


    The UMP is a noob-friendly gun. Yeah, its easy to use, but in a fight against a good player with an AR, its going to lose. Between projectile speed and damage superiority, the downside to the AR is itll have more recoil. A good player that can control it will win the fight. Its a good gun, but its performance isnt broken.
  6. Also, factoring in team modes, itd elevate the average. The winning % of players in any duos and squads match would usually be 2% and 3%-4% respectively 😊
  7. Chunks

    The Draw to TPP

    You misunderstand. For example, 24% of players finished Halo 5 on normal. 3% on Legendary. You can see those stats on the actual achievements. Most games will echo those numbers. Theyre never even close. I wasnt talking about you in particular. But people's habits.
  8. Chunks

    The Draw to TPP

    Wha? People always take the path of least resistance. Look at your achievement list for any game with a single player campaign. Look at the % that finishes on normal/easy. Look at the % that finishes on the hardest. They wont even be in the same ball park. After returning to the game after a while, I played TPP at first. Got really bored of it really quick. Standoffs do not end until the circle ends it. Theres no room to out-maneuver. You just kinda hang out peeking at the other guy's cover who's peeking at yours. First to make a play dies. Maybe you get shot in the buns. Nice. The higher skill gap in FPP is in reference to thumbs alone. If you can outshoot the other player, even if they duck back to heal, you can get a chance to flank or outsmart them with positioning otherwise. That is unique to FPP because you arent likely to get lit up in transition by somebody with 5% health just waiting for you to try and capitalize on being better. TPP rewards thumbs too, but not as consistently as much as FPP. Thusly its more desirable to those that are better shots.
  9. Chunks

    Flinching when shot

    I think it also is a consequence of, maybe your armor, but the weapon the enemy has. Scar was infamous for it for a while i think
  10. Chunks

    Reporting does nothing

    I went into random squads for easy challenges. Spent like 10 minutes looting through Los Leones. Was going great. All 3 other teammates began hovering around, one at a time. Then they killed me while I was putting down surplus first aid and boosters in front of them. Fun game btw. Games like this and Siege need brutally punishing team killing consequences. Friendly fire on is important to the experience, I wouldnt like it removed, but the ability to grief (especially a partied few vs. a solo) unchecked is unreasonable to me. Always room for improvement on these systems.
  11. Chunks


    Holy hell! Howd you get that part done so quickly?! Seriously. That was a friggin task 😒
  12. Chunks

    Vikendi weapon spawns

    I can only skydive halfway to the ground before I run into a G36. As much as I see it in the killfeed, I dont seem to be the only one. Not sure why we're sad about the weapon spawns. They all seem plentiful to me. If I could find a backpack, I might even pick up that friggin AK and 7.62.
  13. Chunks

    Vikendi PTS Bugs/Issues (12/21)

    Adding to my own list. ADDITIONAL BUG WITH WEAPON SKIN/EXCHANGING DUPLICATE FOR BP In the UI, the menus, in the lobby. At the selection screen for WEAPON SKINS, when selecting button ( Y ) to exchange a duplicate item, you are prompted to confirm with button ( A ). Confirming the choice with button ( A ) will successfully exchange the item for BP, however it also toggles the skin from equipped to unequipped. I can reliably duplicate the result. It does not seem to bug when going from unequipped to equipped.
  14. Playing on XBOX 1X. Wired connection, installed on Internal Storage, with Graphics Prioritize Framerate. AUDIO BUG Late game, final 5 circles or so, at Vila. ALL footsteps, including my own, teammates, and enemies went completely silent. The footstep noise occasionally would pop back in, for a couple seconds. But for almost all of the end game, it was mute. SNOWMOBILE PASSENGER AIMING SENSITIVITY BUG? Riding passenger on the snowmobile seems to have its own sensitivity modifiers when aiming, for BOTH the ADS and over-the-shoulder targeting (the left bumper function on control Type-B). Its considerably slower. Riding passenger in the other vehicles, I did NOT experience this issue. It was only on the snowmobile. So far. SLOW TO RENDER NEW AREAS MID-GAME Playing squads, the whole team taking two seperate vehicles about a kilometer or so to a new, unlooted compound. First building I entered, the furniture inside hadnt loaded/rendered (whatever the jargon is) didnt load for at least a few seconds after going in. It was AT LEAST second circle when I experienced this. NOT Play-Doh buildings like at the start, just delayed furnishings loading in. That being said... ITEMS ARE SLOW TO LOAD IN/APPEAR AT THE START OF THE GAME In buildings that dont suffer from the play-doh effect, items are slow to be visible on the ground. They are there, but can only see them when opening the inventory screen, rather than just seeing it on the ground. It seems to only take 10 or 15 seconds after landing to load in, but that time can make a big difference. PLAY-DOH BUILDINGS ARE BACK?! It is inconsistent, but buildings at the start of the game are back to their classic tricks. It seems to be a bigger issue at the larger towns/compounds. Logically I guess. On the positive side, they load in correctly in, at most, 10 seconds. Still its really annoying and can evenbreak the game. Please, please, please, can we fix the slow loading and rendering at the very start before the patch hits live servers. You guys have done such a great job on this patch/map. It feels the best it has in the past year, and we for sure all appreciate it (we dont all always say so) besides those same issues. Dont let this be a Miramar situation and discourage us. THANK YOU for working hard on getting this patch for us earlier than expected, and for giving us more and more options to improve the experience. Hope we see crossplay with PS4 soon. Also, Dez caught it : ).
  15. Chunks

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    This gives me an idea for future package drop contents ?